What type of port is this?

Hey, I recently opened up my old HP for cleaning and I noticed that it doesnt have a dedi GFX card. I have been thinking of upgrading it by adding a hd 7770 or a gtx 560 ti the thing has a 300w powersupply which isnt too ghetto so i think it can run one of those cards i've heard rumors that the 7770 only needs around 50 w to run but thats aside the point, i saw this port in there and it has no disernable features of a PCI express x8 or PCI express x16 on it to me at leest im not very good at visual identifacation without being told what to look for so im asking if anyone knows what this is. There will be photo linked in this post of the port in question, and if im wrong about the 7770 only needing 50w to run it would be nice if someone will tell me. <-- Sorry if the quality isnt great, my camera is old.

Thanks in advance,
Noah, Murray

P.S. Im not sure if the chpset can handle a new GFX the model number of the HP in question is: "HP pavillion a1747c" if anyone knows if the chipset can handle any newer GFX cards preferably above the hd 6870 or the GTX 560 ti I would love to know if I need to budget in a new mobo.
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  1. its a pci express x16 slot and dont attempt to put a gfx card like the ones you have mentioned in your system as it will end in tears with that psu.

    Sorry but you need to upgrade to a 500w psu
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    You might get away with a HD6670/HD7750/HD7770 with the 300w PSU as long as you don't even attempt to overclock the GPU (not even a little).

    However, as that is an older system, I would recommend you invest in a quality PSU as well and install at the same time as the new GPU. PSUs can and do wear out.

    Something like this Corsair:

    Last, spec for your system can be found here:

    That is a x16 PCIe slot and I wouldn't recommend shoving the end of a screwdriver into it as you could damage the contacts.
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