Replaced motherboard and now won\'t charge battery

Have a Gateway NV53A and replaced motherboard. Powered up and now keyboard and touchpad don't work. Reseated ribbon cables twice, still nothing. Went to store to buy external USB mouse and Keyboard and came back and now no juice getting to laptop!! Red light blinks for battery when I hold the power button. HELP!!!
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  1. Hi :)

    I own a laptop repair company....

    You have gone way beyond your capabilities..... you need to be a Pro to change a mobo in a lappy....

    Take it to a local laptop repair company and pay them to put it right....

    All the best Brett :)
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    was it brand new from the manufacturer or from an auction site?
  3. Thanks guys for the replys, yes it was from an auction site and after confering with my local laptop shop guy, whom by the way said I did everything right, the issue is with buying used motherboards on Ebay.....Soooo I'm sending back and gonna try again......It is not above my abilites as I've done this a few times but I will admit when it comes to soldering or voltage testing, the laptop guy gets my business and I do send some of my clients there right out of the gate. Thanks again!
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