Final Configuration - Need Review

This is my (near) final build. I'm preparing to purchase the below equipment. Please look over everything and tell me if there is anything I can do better, if anything is missing, or if something "won't work".

I will be running Hackintosh on this build, which is why I have a specific motherboard and equipment (only Intel works, need a certain mobo, etc). I will also be running Windows on this machine for gaming. Windows for gaming, OS X Lion for productivity. This build is built for both.

CPU - Intel Core i7 Quad-Core + HT - $300

PSU - $69 750W

GPU - DUAL HD 6870 - $300
NOTE: I already purchased one for $145 (I got a very good deal). I'm going to buy another when I buy everything else!

16DDR3 RAM - $100
NOTE: OS X Lion is a memory hog when it comes to my use. I have about 20 tabs open at the same time, a few windows of xcode, photoshop, etc. I'm a very big multi-tasker!

Motherboard - $150

Case - $70

120GB SSD - $170
NOTE: Hopefully this SSD is reliable. It seems very fast - and gives me the storage I'll need.
NOTE2: I have another 640GB 7200RPM hard drive already, which I will be using. This is just my "boot and primary programs" drive, not my "media and gaming" drive!

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  1. I can't comment on OS X compatibility, but it's a good Win 7 build.
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