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I have almost complete my new system; My final piece to the puzzle is the GPU. I have been a long time nvidia fan but as of late have been getting mixed opinions on which way to go since my requirements have grown. Gaming (BFBC2, BF3, etc.) has always been my main deciding factor with choosing a GPU. As of late though I have branched out into video editing (in game footage and live action). I am hard pressed to leave Nvidia but I need a card that will do the job.

Currently I am running:
Antec Nine Hundred Advanced Gamer Case
Asus Crosshair IV Formula w/ DualDDR3 1333
AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition 3.3GHz w/ 9MB Cache
Corsair TX650W
8GB Kingston DDR3 1333
Intel SSD 320 Series SATA II Solid State Drive, 40GB

And of coarse the dated but amazing in its time 8800GTX SSC (needs to go to a good home)

I am really digging the overall stats of the Asus ENGTX570 DirectCU II GTX 570 1GB GDDR5 but I am up for suggestions. Also the ENGTX570 is withing $50 bucks of my max limit.

Thanks in advance for any input and I don't blame those of you that hate Nvidia just sell me on ATI if you bash my boys.
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  1. Graphics cards are a very competitive product. You will get fair price performance between Nvidia and ati . For a single monitor at 1080P, the GTX570 is about as good as it gets, excepting the GTX580. ATI will have the 6970 to compete with the GTX570. Your psu will run any single gpu card made.

    You might look into the graphics support of your video editing program. I am no expert there, but I think there may be some advantage using the CUDA capability of Nvidia cards.
  2. How about 2 560ti's in sli? That will give you a great performance in gaming and Cuda rendering since you do video editing.
  3. Thanks amuffin for the idea, unfortunately I cant SLI the 560ti's as my board as it is only crossfireX compatible. Or at least that is what i have been told in the past.
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