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Getting frustrated

I shorted (Power surge) my computer so I sent all the parts in for repair and I just recently got them back. After I assembled it the computer won't display anything, and since it is the onboard card from my motherboard and MSI told me all was well I should expect it to work. I unplugged it took it out of the case and tried it again but the thing keeps turning on and off can you help me please?
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  1. Please list the make and model of all your components.
  2. Do you have any other components you can replace with to test?
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    Start replacing the components 1 by 1 with the cheapest first. Then check if it is working. Is the problem with the monitor or with the CPU?? Does the CPU on?

    Or the cpu makes a noise and fails to on?
  4. I fixed the Monitor problem and now it does not work when mounted in the case, any ideas?
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