Motherboard Problems.

Hello all, so last night whilst I was playing some video games. My computer shut off abruptly for no reason, and since I have tested the PSU and the PSU is fine. GPU wouldent affect it. So I think it is the Motherboard. I have unplugged and re-plugged everything. I have no clue whats wrong. Please help,

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  1. How did you test the PSU?
  2. Paper clip test
  3. I have had PSU's pass the test but fail to run a system. If you can try it in another system you will know for sure.
  4. You system has been running fine with it for a week now, why would it fail now?
  5. The System*
  6. Halp
  7. It is between the board or the PSU, what PSU is it?
  8. it may have shut itself off to save the gpu or cpu from an over heat. i would try and run hardware monitor and download msi or another program to run/set a fan profile for the gpu so that the gpu fan spins up to max speed under load. with hardware monitor running try running some game demos like the unreal test engin and see if the gpu temps get to hot. I would also watch your cpu temps..make sure the idle temps are fine..that the heat sink on right.
  9. Thats what i initially thought smorizio but nothing was hot. At all.
  10. Connorwarman_12 said:

    Not the best but not the worst either. I would still not be satisfied with the Paperclip test but passing that it might be the board that is gone.
  11. Thats what I am assuming. I have spent the entire day working on fixing my computer, and at this point am fed up. I think I have done more damage then good. At this point im looking for help and or a good motherboard thats around $100.

    If I post a picture of the motherboard with some deatils would you mind pointing out whats wrong?
  12. Or what could be wrong?
  13. Nothing might be visible and at this point the best thing to try is either a known working PSU or test yours in a different system. If the PSU is fine RMA the board.
  14. Well. Looks like that's that then. Just tested the PSU on my other PC worked fine. So thanks, i will be returning my Board.
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