Brown Blue And Black screen of death.


I got a new computer recently and since day one i have problems. The first game i tried to play was COD5 and i noticed black screen interupts for 1 sec and then sometimes resulted in a Brown screen of death and the sound was playing in the background before stucking and reseting the PC few secs after. Sometimes the screen would return to normal from BSOD to black or Brown SOD again and eventually reseting.

After that i opened the Tower and i noticed that some input was touching the GPU and maybe its conducts were in touch with some metal parts of the gpu (it was touching it vertically with conducts very close to the metal connections on the gpu PCB). However i am not sure if this was the cause.

After i removed the wire with the input i played COD5 again. Nothing went wrong whatsoever.

Next day i tried playing Skyrim and i got every screen of death. Black Brown and blue within 2 hours. Sound glitching also appeared and black screen interrupts of 1 sec.

My system is

Intel 2500K i5 3,3Ghz
Ati 6770 Gigabyte
Power: Corsair 600W
Kingston 8GB RAM
Mobo: Gigabyte P67A-D3-B3

What is also strange is that i had almost the same problem with my last pc. I didnt have any screen of death but the screen whould freeze while sound was playing in the background until few secs later my pc was restarting. Is there any chance my screen or Wire to screen is faulty and not the pc?

Monday probably i am calling the shop that sold me the computer anyway.
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  1. In all release builds of Windows, the BSOD is coded to be blue. If the color is different, it's the graphics card, the connectors or the monitor. If the connectors aren't fastened properly, you can get a flickering screen (dvi connector mostly) or missing/bad colors. Try replacing the cable - is easy and cheap to do.
    If it doesn't help, I'd suggest you try to change to or from analog output depending on what you used before. This would test if the output pipeline in the gpu has taken damage.
    If you still find nothing, I'd suggest you take a voltage meter and measure the 12v levels on a molex connector while playing (yellow and the black next to it). If you've got a poor or overstressed power supply, the voltage levels should vary notably or even drop below the 11.8 mark which isn't good. Normally the black screen indicates gpu issues, but unless it's a driver fault, that won't crash the system with a bsod before the screen's gone black, so I'm guessing PSU.

    The error you described from the old system sounds like a bad/overheating graphics card. Try cleaning it if you still have the card around and eventually try replacing the new with the old card to see if it's a card issue in case nothing else results in something useful.
  2. Thanx for answer, i got the pc back to the shop since i have warranty. They told me it was a faulty GPU and will replace it. However i am being suspicious. Is there any chance my Old Eizo F520 CRT or wire to screen killed the card? I am afraid to try the new card with same screen, my friends told me thats almost impossible but i dont know...

    The old system graphic card went bad after an audio cable pin touching it while operating. At least thats what i thought happened.... I am kinda suspecting the screen or wire now...

    Am I being unreasonable? ?
  3. I haven't heard of a monitor killing a card, I doubt that's the case. It simply reads data one way sent by the GPU.

    GPUs go bad all the time, it's likely that :(.
  4. 1. I agree with what most people said about There being something wrong with the video card, but it could also be a driver, or a power issue, otherwise like you've already said, its faulty.

    2. Another culprit could be The RAM, sometimes it can be either faulty or incompatible causing the machine to toss out garbage at the screen.

    Trust me I've dealt with incompatible RAM, and it does something very similar to what you're describing.
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