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Second build

Last response: in Systems
November 11, 2011 7:30:49 PM

So this past July I made my first build, I did pretty much all on my own and got it working with the help of a few on this forum. Unfortantly I am not particularly happy with the build. For my first time I guess I did okay, I did research but I didn't understand everything perfect at the time and there are some bottlenecks in my system for sure. Like for example my ram can be run at 1600, but my mobo only has it at 1333 b/c thats the highest it runs ram at before overclocking. My cpu is weak for my gpu and case and cable management is bad. My main purpose in a new build is to have something I game, movies, some coding, and everyday stuff.

I'll start off with the case,mobo,cpu,and so on




ram (16 gigs of it)

gpu(currently only going to have one but in the furture over the year, upgrade to two)

psu(my current psu the cable management is horrible, I hate the thing)

HDD( I have a 500g 5200 rpm one also, idk what raid 0,1, or any of that is could I do anything with two different rpm HDDs?)

SSD(purely for boot and programs)

I really just want something, that will last my for years to come and be upgradeable afterwards, something I can build off of and look awesome.

Whats going to left of my current build is

I'm thinking of just selling it all for about $250-350 I'm sure someone will buy it. I mean it wasn't a terrible build, I'm just displeased with it, and I'm sure someone would like it for a budget build. Although all this is going to be happening summer of 2012 so it may or may not.

Now to my other questions

I plan on using my 32 lcd tv as my monitor, as I never watch tv and on the computer at the same time, plus I'll have my macbook pro which I can always use to surf the web.

What I want to do is run the sound from my tv into my computer, and out through my speakers


Mainly being over the next year I'm going to slowly add speakers and a subwoofer and make it into a full 7.1 system. Can I run my sound through my computer though, and be able to toggle what sound is going into my speakers my computer or tv? Would there be a way to use my computer mic as a mic for xbox live if I have everything running through my computer? Allowing me to use a headset like turtle beaches except I don't have to pay $200+ for a pair of headphones?

Sorry for the long post thanks

More about : build

November 11, 2011 7:35:13 PM

Or I may just keep my current monitor and use the tv strictly for tv idk, but I would like to know if I can run my tv's sound through my computer and toggle which goes out my speakers

Edit: I should have just went with this stuff the first time around, stupid mistake and I really regret it.
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November 11, 2011 7:53:45 PM

Sorry I don't really have a budget, but I don't really want to go spending anything crazy over 1500-1700 dollars

Edit: Wow, see this is why I'm glad I posted this finding better stuff already.
November 11, 2011 8:11:54 PM

Drop the AMD CPU/Mobo. Go Intel i5-2500K.

This Newegg combo has the CPU with a solid ASRock Gen3 mobo for $380:

HAF 932 and Crucial m4 128GB SSD looking good.

I don't trust Cooler Master PSUs. Consider Corsair TX750M (modular):

If you can live without a modular PSU, here is a combo of Corsair TX850 with 16GB Corsair Vengeance LP - $194 after MIR:

Any plans to over clock? Air cooling/watercooling?
November 11, 2011 8:22:45 PM

I already have 8 gigs of the ram I listed, and I really do want a modular psu. I think it makes things much neater and just plain old nicer looking. I am interested in overclocking. Idk whats better air or water cooling? I must admit though I'm extremely ignorant to overclocking, I know next to zero about it, but gotta learn sometime
November 11, 2011 8:49:19 PM

Air cooling is very capable of taking the i5-2500K to 4.5GHz. However, the tall heatsinks of Corsair memory sticks may pose a clearance issue for some CPU cooler fans (which is why I had suggested low profile ram).

The Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO is the top budget air cooler:

You could move the fan to the pull position to avoid problems with the RAM heatsinks.

Self-contained water loops by Corsair won't be troubled by the RAM but I feel the only one worth purchasing is the H100.

Tigerdirect has it for $95 right now:

Or, you could make the ambitious jump to true water-cooling...
November 12, 2011 12:34:07 AM

How high could I get the i5-2500k with a water cooler? Is it better choice of the two? I mean if it is, I have no problem doing it. Speaking of overclocking, what about my ram and gpu?
November 12, 2011 12:43:37 PM

Every unique chip has its own limits. Some owners have pushed it past 5.0Ghz. Some can't get past 4.7Ghz.

Besides, making your CPU work harder will make it age faster. For gaming purposes, 4.0-4.5Ghz is just fine (GPU more important here).

Between self-contained loops and true watercooling, true watercooling wins without a doubt. It is also more expensive, especially if you go on to cool more than just your CPU.

If you are up for it, it would be a great learning experience. But, definitely read up on it and get a good understanding of how it works before jumping in.

The HD 6950 you picked out can be unlocked to perform as a HD 6970. I find no need to mess with the speed on RAM as performance gains are apparently minimal.
November 12, 2011 5:22:08 PM

If I want to unlock the 6950 would I need a full self-contained loop? I'm interested in getting the one for my cpu. Would air be good enough for unlocking my gpu?
November 13, 2011 4:16:28 AM

Ok, I did my research on watercooling and I'm pretty interested in that. It looks awesome, I'm guessing I'd have to take off one of the fans for the radiator correct? Where exactly would I put the reservoir?

I was liking


radiators and tubing I have no idea for yet, but I'm getting on my way.

Also would it better to just crossfire two 6950s or just buy a really expensive card?

You think the psu Corsair TX750M (modular) would be strong enough?

Edit: probably just going to stick with one 6950 for now, but would a 6970 waterblock like this fit on a 6950 instead of buying a universal?
November 13, 2011 4:18:19 AM

Idk if I should get like a single fan put it on the back of the case, or a double and put it on the top. Nor what size tubing and the most important the pump. How much does a full system typically go for btw? The site I'm on isn't listing any prices, but the reservoir alone is 129.99 (although it is custom)

Edit: also decided to switch the case for the blue theme because of MOBO
November 13, 2011 6:05:51 PM

I keep asking these questions, then answering them myself....Ok so the res will go on the outside of my case just have to drill holes. As for the radiator I've seen pictures of people with theirs on the outside of their case also. I may just do that, but my question is many fans should I have on it 2 or 3? 4?