Core 2 duo & gts450 ?

Hey all :) I just wonder can i run well if i add new GPU on my system?
Now my system is:
CPU- Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33GHz @ 3.4GHz, Mob Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L, 5GB of RAM ddr2 800 dual chanel, HDD Seagate 1TB 7200rpm SATA II, GPU AMD Gigabyte Redeon HD6670 1Gb Gddr3 128 Bit OC version.
So i am planing to add new GPU and the new GPU that i wanna to upgrade is Nvidia Geforce gts460 1Gb Gddr5 .
So can i run the new video card on my system well? and do my cpu would not slow down the new gpu?
Thanx for repplys,
PS. Sorry for my bad Eng., Langue.
Lukas. :)
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  1. That GPU will work well on your system if you have a sufficient power supply.

    I don't know that it will be much of an upgrade though. Read the excellent monthly graphics card review HERE, the last page is linked and it compares various cards, but also read the whole thing for the best bang for your $$.
  2. If you look at the last page of the article that Realbeast mentions:,3107-7.html
    the GTS450 is ranked only two tiers higher than the 6670.

    They recommend a minimum upgrade of three tiers. So look at your budget and what it can buy in your area and try to match that against anything three or more tiers highe than the 6670.
  3. Wery thanx for the reply now i have more useful info. My PSU is 350W. But i was running 9800gt wery well with it so i think the gts 450 will runn good :)
    I was haddet the 9800gt but it burned becose of bad cooling.. So I purchased the HD6670 with gddr3 but it runs all games a bit slower then my old 9800gt runned so now i wanna to change this by upgrading to gts 450 :)
  4. given the quality of the psu is good then no problem. but if yours are generic one you should be concerned even if you have no trouble before this.
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