Z77 Motherboard Damage, Need Help.

I recently bought an MSI z77 mpower mobo and it has arrived damaged. I was hoping one of you could tell me if this could possibly be fixed? Or is it beyond repair?

I tried to post and I keep getting a 55 error which, to my knowledge, is missing memory.

Any Help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Joe.
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    Capacitors are one of the few things that are relatively easy to replace on a motherboard so it would seem you are somewhat in luck there. Most computer repair shops will be able to replace the cap. If you have soldering skills (or know someone you trust who does) and are not intimidated by the prospect of soldering on a motherboard, I say do it yourself. The hardest part of the repair will be finding a single capacitor - seems they like to sell them in bulk...
    If purchased new, I'd be looking to RMA to keep a warranty
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  3. Thank you, very much.
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