Monitor won't display after new gfx card

So a couple of days ago my monitor would freeze up and and the picture would get distorted after a minute of turning my comp on. I assumed it was my graphics card, because since I got it 2 years ago the temperatures would be extremely high (70 - 105 degrees celcius). Also I checked the temperature of it before it crashed, and it was increasing dramatically.
So I ordered a new graphics card (ati 6790) and installed it. The monitor was black on startup. I could not get a chance to uninstall the drivers for my old graphics card (9800gt) because of the aforementioned problem. Could it be because of the drivers? Or a DOA 6790. What should I do?

Comp specs
Antec Earthwatts 500w psu
intel e8400
evga 9800gt (old one)
xfx 6790 (new one)
asus p5q pro
2gb ram
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  1. At this point you have no picture with the new card installed ? If so then when you put the new card in was the computer power supply off and unplugged ? And is the card seated properly. With the power supply off and unplugged take out the card and put it back in making sure it is seated properly. and don't forget to connect the monitor to the port on the card. Does the computer post . After all that if no picture you may have a DOA card. The old drivers have nothing to do with the problem , windows has to load first in order to use drivers. If your computer is posting and you have no bios splash screen then you have a card problem or a monitor problem.
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