Cable Help Needed.. Connecting PSU to GPU

My GPU (GeForce8800gtx) has two 6 pin pci-e power inputs.

My Psu (corsair hx520w) has two 6 pin pci-e power outputs.

Why can't I find a cord that will connect the two? Can anyone please help? It needs to be at least 12 inches long (preferabbly a little longer).

My other option is to go with the pci-e conversion to dual 4 pin connectors, but I don't understand why I can't seem to find any pci-e to pci-e cords.. do they not make these?

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  1. Are you saying the Corsair PSU PCI-E cables are too short?
  2. Are you saying that your power supply is a modular one and you can't find the pci cable that was supposed to come with the power supply. Either I am reading your post wrong or something but you said that the card has two 6 pin inputs and your power supply has two 6 pin outputs what is the problem then.
  3. If the cables are there and they are too short then you need exstensions ?
    *** NEW *** Kingwin 6 pin PCI-Express Extension Cable - 12" $3.99

    You need two of these this particular one is 12" and they do have longer.

    BitFenix 6-pin Video Card Extension Cable - 45 cm - Black Sleeve 17.7" $7.99
  4. Sorry, my problem is that I don't have any cables to connect pci-e to pci-e.

    About to check out links above..
  5. Thanks for the help.. I'm afraid I have found the real problem now.. I just discovered that my gpu has an 8 pin pci-e connector (the aforementioned 6 pins are inputs I guess?).

    Here we go again!
  6. The 8 pin you have is the end split into a 6+2 connector or a solid 8 pin. It's hard to believe that the PS doesn't have a 6 pin. Take a close look at the end and see if it is possibly a splitable connector.
  7. If your PSU has two 6 pin PCI power connectors and your video card needs one 6 and one 8 pin connector, just use both 6 pin PSU connectors. If you look really close at an 8 pin (or 6+2) PCI connector, you will see that the two extra wires are ground lines.

    Assuming the same wire gauge, an 8 pin connector cannot carry more power over its 3 hot wires (the yellow ones) than the 6 pin connector can carry over its three hot wires.
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