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Hello, I have a few questions on how to upgrade to windows 7 64 bit from vista 32 bit... I have already made sure everything is compatible, and microsoft has said my key is legit, so now how do I get a disc?
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  1. Where did you get your CD key from, it should come with a disc.

    Or maybe you are using a laptop, a backup and restoring service is usually used.
    it can usually be found in your secondary hard drive (partitioned)
  2. The cd key is off the bottom of a laptop, one I'm not using anymore... The laptop I am currently using has vista 32 bit on it, and yes there is a restore but as I am sure you are aware, vista sucks... Since the windows 7 came on the other laptop, I didn't get a cd with it.... so I am trying to figure out how to either get a disc or download a copy, since I have the key I figure it should not be a problem. So I have come to find out that since I am trying to go from 32 to 64 bit, I need to do a custom install/upgrade, according to Microsoft... how do I download a copy that I can do this with, or how do I get the full disk set?
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