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Today (as in, about 3 hours ago) I got a monitor from my uncle: the SyncMaster 244T so I plugged in the power and DVI cables, and the power light started flashing (which means its in power saving mode). I turned on the computer and nothing happened on the screen it just stayed blank and the power light kept flashing. The obvious thing do when taking a monitor out of this mode is move the mouse or press keys on the keyboard; neither worked. So I consulted the manual and thats what it told me to do - move the mouse or press keys on the keyboard, so I did extensive searching on the internet and samsung's website; found NOTHING. I tried unplugging everything then plugging everything back in again, to no avail. This SyncMaster 244T monitor just won't exit power saving mode, no matter what I do, so the question I ask is: What the hell is wrong????

By the way, PC specs:
CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 3GHz
Graphics Card: ATi Radeon HD 4850
Multiple harddrives
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

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  1. most probably your monitor is dead
  2. Sorry for not replying. I thought that might be the case. I went and got a new monitor, a brand new one this time and everyhting is fine apart from on little snag.
    The monitor is the AOC 2436Vwh so its only got HDMI and VGA inputs. Using the HDMI cable that came with, the image does not go to the edge of the screen AND I can't adjust it??? Using VGA the monitor works fine, displaying a crystal clear image in full HD to the edge of the screen but with HDMI it doesn't. I tried using a different HDMI cable, didn't work. I tried replacing my current graphics card with my old one same thing. This morning some friends came over and we used my monitor as a TV and played some XBOX 360 on it, using both my HDMI cable and the cable they brought with them, worked fine right the way through. I tried using the monitor on a different computer - completely different components - worked fine. I did think that my graphics card had a faulty HDMI port but on TWO graphics cards, a bit unlikely isn't it?
    I can't really see what the monitor wouldn't like about my computer (if anything) apart from my graphics card so, as always, the question I ask is: what the hell is going on???
    (this isn't terribly urgent, I'm fine with VGA for now but I would like to have HDMI running properly)
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