Ati & Nvid dual setup issues.

I have a nvidia 8600gt as a secondary gpu and a hd 5870 2g eye6 for a primary. I ran 3dmark 2011 and barely crawled passed the 1st test on performace settings at a max of 20 fps. I shutoff ati programs and that raised me 1-2 fps. Then I disabled the nvid all together and the fps jumped to 35-37 fps. I've never seen any proof that the nvid card has ever done anything. Even though it is connected to a seperate monitor, Ill watch a movie on it and all of the mem usage or gpu load monitors show 0. Did I do something wrong, did nvidia's new physx slip up somehow craplink the 8600 to the 5870. I also thought maybe the 2nd card was eating alot of cpu power but ive an i7 a hair over 4ghz, i'de think I'de have plenty of power. I realize my 5870 sucks with teselation (sp?) but an almost 20fps from disabling the nvid really makes me wonder if the nvid is leeching my 5870 somehow. I know the ati Nvid hybrid deal is getting old but I would really appriciate some help or input.
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  1. So no one has done any experimenting with the multi vendor gpu setup? Even since they reopened the physx?
  2. im-my-keyboards-space-is-screwed-with-all-respect-nvidia-accidently-opened-physx-again-google-it.-my-gpuz-confirms-physx-along-with-fluidmark.-i-am-well-aware-of-genl-and-his-hacks.-i-believed-i-mentioned-nvidia's-slipup-in-my-post.
  3. my apologies, i'm rebuilding my keyboard, my space now works but shift to cap dosen't yet. to be honest i didn't come here to be talked down to. also i believe you should know what your talking about before you talk down to someone. nvidia accidently re-released physx in a 257 forceware driver series. which i briefly mentioned in my first post and if you had read that you may have already googled it but i guess not. i am well aware of genl(creator of the hacks your talking about ). google it or not i dont care its your knowledge not mine. im not here for a fight but im also not here to be treated as a child. now can anyone whos up to date help me please? edited-------- to save you time 384 i did it for you :)
  4. im sorry man but your answer came off quite errogent the fact i even posted nvidia's slip and you not seeing it is what must have done caused the problem my aplogies. my question was has anyone else worked with this.
  5. lol its all good i read very literally. all i seen in my head was there named diffently for a reason as in "duh, your a dumbass" i have to quit reading into things. thankyou though
  6. If you aren't using the GenL hack, or even if you are but aren't using one of the very few GPU accelerated PhysX games, you will not see a benefit to having that old 8600 in your system. I'd just remove it.
  7. i agree, 8 series were are crappy. with the 257 drivers i am unable to turn physx on and off. i keep the 8600 because of its svideo connection i run for my son's cartoons on our tv. i guess ill just roll the drivers back to previous non physx version until more information comes about. thanks though
  8. Recent experiments say yes the 8600gt is active, yes it does add some extra power to the card if it does not include physx if i does thoughperformace is greatly reduced. Kombuster and furmark tests confirm a 15% drop from the ati's work load onto the 8600(if no physx are involved. Here is the catch, physx will run if ati is primary but you can only setup the physx if the nvidia is primary while ati is completely off. Once set with nvidia as primary you have to switch back to ati as primary and physx will work. Bystander was correct as I expected. I didnt want to use the nvidia as a physx card, I just needed the nvid for the svideo port that my sons shows work on. In conclusion yes nvidia's new drivers are activating physx multi vendor gpu systems, yes if the card isnt new enough to handle physx well 8 series and prob 9 except for the 9800gtx maybe that one too it will definately negatively impact your system in everything involving physx. Only way I can think of to fix this now is rolling the drivers back, or disconecting the nvidia displays via device manager or screen resolution. Might there be anyone out there that knows how to manually turn physx off? Nvidia's control panel in this driver series wont let you turn it on or off just a setting or two.
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