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I want to build a basic webserver to host a joomla website for my dads small business. It will be basic 5 to 7 page layout with nothing special. It won't generate a lot of traffic or anything. Can someone share with me what to build? I thought about using the intel atom platform or amd sempron. Let me know?
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  1. I think either would be fine for a small, lightly used web server.
    I would look into an old laptop also. I'get get intel over AMD in a laptop as the old AMD ones had plenty of 'GPU killing the motherboard' issues.
  2. Yea so anyone want to help with a quick super cheap build, case, power supply, mobo, etc???
  3. Core i3-2100???
  4. I was trying to stay a little cheaper then that. I would love to have an i3 but that's a little out of my budget.
  5. Just remember to buy a motherboard without EFI.

    EFI is a pain to get working under Linux.
  6. Really what are the issues and how do you get it to work. I haven't heard of that yet, but I am glad you told me.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2aq5M3Q76U

    Matthew Garett on EFI and Linux.

    Very long and technical.

    Me summing it up: EFI sucks on Linux.
  8. Yea I see. Well I will definitely steer clear. So do you think a atom or sempron will be a good processor?
  9. Well I would recommend a Celeron/Pentium or Athlon. Well worth the premium, because Atoms are really slow and Semprons/Celeron (single core ed.) consume about as much power as the dual-core variant.

    I would probably buy an AMD motherboard without EFI, as most Intel motherboards have EFI. Perhaps check if there is an option to not enable it. My motherboard will cause a kernel panic with EFI enabled, but I can use BIOS emulator legacy boot.
  10. Stay away from gigabyte boards then
  11. Yea I could prolly do one of those cpu's. Whats the cheapest you think I could spend? To do a server build?
  12. Well what is your entire budget? 1U server with everything except for os are around $120-$200 they come with dual xeons 4gb of ram and a reasonable amount of hard drive space.
  13. Yea I mean that's definitely in my budget. Where did you see that?
  14. probably ebay
  15. popatim said:
    probably ebay

    Nah I use weirdstuff.com it is local and they have many servers http://weirdstuff.com/
  16. Now with something like that do I need a rack to mount it or can it sit freely?
  17. You can have it sit freely or mount it in a server rack.
  18. Keep in mind that they will be loud...
  19. Really? What from the fans? Yea sorry for all the questions, I only have experience building desktops, so this is all new to me.
  20. I actually have no idea why, my dad brought me to his work and in this room they have a 1u server and it is very loud and keeps the whole room very warm.
  21. Yea I visited the server room at my school and it had its own ac and sounded like a dishwasher lol. But that was a huge setup
  22. For a small server you could just buy a massive tower heatsink if you don't mind having it as a desktop form factor.
  23. Yea that's what I was thinking. When I was originally looking I was looking at the desktop form factor
  24. I think this could be the cheapest setup though, and then put a noctua heatsink on both cpu's to cool them.
  25. Not even that...

    I have a simple Coolermaster TX-3 ($15 when on sale) that I use to passively cool my undervolted Phenom II X3. You'll be fine.
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