XFX 6970 in Crossfire Overheating?

So, I recently bought a new pc with 2x XFX 6970's running crossfire and I've been a little worried, while running The Witcher 2, my GPU load has been pretty high and my temperatures are running around 89C with a max around 100C, my tower is a mid-tower but has plenty of room and I have 8+ fans hooked up for push and pull intake. Is this normal for a 6970?
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  1. I actually have a gap between my 2 6970's. They are XFX AMD Ati Radeon 6970's. My mobo is a G1.Killer Guerrilla
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    My guess: it's the case air flow. There must be a air disturbance close to the cards causing a low airflow for the GPU fans. Either that or like greghome said the coolers. I know XFX have problems with the heatsinks, you might wanna look into that.
  3. i have 2 xfx 6970's in cf and im getting the same temps. but i havnt hit 100c, i was worried about this so i contacted xfx and they told me this.

    " we like to keep our cards under 90c but it wont damage the card until temps around 100c"

    ps what kind of fps are you getting in witcher 2 im playing a 1920x1080 with everything up but uber and i can pull amost a constant 60 unless i go into a town of populs area then i go 40-55ish
  4. That's what I get in CF I keep around 85fps out of town and thanks for that. I just put the GPU that get's hotter on 65% fan speed the other I'm letting go on its own.
  5. I'm pretty sure I'm set, I just reconfigured some fans, set my main gpu's fan speed, and bought a little gpu cooling fan to help. I'm sure everything should be good now, I just need to remember to set my GPU fan speed everytime I get on BC2.
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