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Hi everyone!

I know there are similar topics all answered, but most of them are from 4 years ago.

So the deal is, I just bought a gtx560ti and I'm getting the chance to have a q6600 thrown in for a symbolic price. I'm currently running a e8400 at stock speeds since I'm not too confident in manually overclocking and my mobo's automatic overclocking fails every time... so anyway should I stick with my dual core or get the quad? I'm planning to play (mainly) bf3, metro 2033, cod, and so on and so forth.

So, considering the latest games, what would you suggest? I think I'll e getting a qx9650 this summer, but hey the q6600 is basically free now... what do you think? Thanks in advance!
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  1. the dual is good but the quad is better

    the qx9650 is a waste of cheddar right now, you should upgrade to ivy
  2. overclock!!!!
  3. How much extra would you need to pay for the q6600, If its like $20 then yh go for it. IF its like $60 then stick with the e8400 and overclock the hell out of it. BF3 is very gpu heavy so the 560 will do fine but it also supports quad cores
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