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My motherboard is a MSI G41M-P26, and my CPU is an Intel e3400. The motherboard only allows me to change the FSB - not the voltage or CPU multiplier. By changing the FSB, I've managed to up the core from 2.6 GHz to 3.8 GHz using the stock cooler and voltage. The load temperature is only 50 degrees celsius, so I was thinking of squeezing a bit more juice out of the system. Since the bios doesn't allow me to change the voltage, I am forced to overclock the CPU and change the voltage of the CPU using software. Any recommendations?

By the way, the MSI OC software is garbage.
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  1. Hello tahayassen;

    You might want to hop over into the Overclocking forum and ask there.
    Change the title to something like: changing E3400 voltage
    That helps to get the right people looking in on your topic.
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