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Crucial 128 GB m4 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive $209.99

Intel Core i5-2500K 214.99

Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3 129.99

Antec Three Hundred 44.99

Corsair Vengeance Blue 16 GB PC3-12800 1600mHz DDR3 97.99

Corsair Builder Series CX V2 430-Watt 80 Plus PSU CMPSU-430CXV2 $45.24

This will be for a two user PC (my M&D). Needs to have many applications open at once (Chrome, Outlook Express, Office) and not lag. Basically I want basic using to go as fast as possible for the money. Also Their last PC is 5 years old so this one will need to be able to last a while (durability)

Any suggestions or tweaks?
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  1. Are you going to be doing any video editting or 3D design if not go for 8GB RAM

    What GPU are you going to be using and what HDD are you gonna use?
  2. yeah none of that matters until we see a gpu and hard drive. Either one of those can bottleneck a processor if you dont get high performance ones. :)
  3. I already listed the Crucial M4 as my HDD. You guys must have missed it? There won't be any other internal storage.

    I plan to use the onboard graphics with the i5 GPU. No games.
  4. oh duh lmfao sorry im an idiot. Yeah that solid stat WILL do it justice. The gpu will be fine if you arent a gamer. :D Cheers.
  5. OK I have started buying parts and still need some help.

    Already bought these:

    Antec Three Hundred 44.99

    Intel Core i5-2500K 214.99

    I found some sales and did some changes to my original shopping list and picked up these:

    Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 $159.99

    Corsair 16 GB Vengeance Low Profile 1600mhz PC3-12800 $79.99

    Is that a good motherboard?

    Is this a dependable PSU? I won't put a graphics card, I will use the on-board GPU.

    Corsair Builder Series CX V2 500-Watt $57.74

    Any advice or anything please. I haven't done this for 5 years so am out of the loop on everything.
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