P8Z68-V LE cant access bios, pc hangs on logo screen

A well meaning helper decided to try and do me a favour and use the asus windows software to update the bios on my p8z68-v le

It seems it worked within windows and asked for a reboot
That's where problem started

Something has obviously been updated as the asus splash / logo screen is different, but sadly that's all i see

What happens is this

pc boots, lights on any USB devices flash very briefly
Pc beeps, one short, healthy sounding beep, asus logo appears
Pc resets and reboots
No lights come on USB devices, back to asus screen saying press del to enter bios but nothing happens when do

Whole thing takes about 7 seconds
Can't get into bios to change settings and pc goes no further

No key presses are detected the pc just sits showing the asus screen and asking me to press del

All unneeded components have been removed

Is it beyond hope ?
Will a new CMOS chip fix it ( I have ordered one on eBay for a tener ) or is a new motherboard needed
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  1. First reset the cmos with the jumper on the board. The manual tells you where it is.
  2. Done that, still the same
    Even left it overnight in reset position with battery out

    Still the same

    Quick flash of lights of anything plugged into pc
    Asus screen comes up
    One quick beep
    Pc resets and reboots ( similar to how used to when saving something in old bios and rebooting )
    This time however no lights come on on things connected and it just it showing the asus screen
  3. Cheers. It seems no amount of CMOS resetting or tapping of the del key will get be further.

    Is it possible that the bios ended up just being partially updated.
    No post screen, no bios access. No reading of any USB stick or internal hard drive

    Just sits on the asus logo.
  4. Anyone else any ideas.
  5. You can try inserting the motherboard's DVD and restart. The CrashFree might work.
    If not, the BIOS chip will solve the issue.
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