Computer blue screened due to new ram?

I was on my browser google chrome and then I got the oh snap error. I tried getting back on but I had the error again, it repeated every time I tried getting back on to the browser. i then tried using firefox but it crashed as well. after this I tried turning off my computer then it blue screened. my computer restarted and then it asked to do a disk search. after that I came to a conclusion that it might be the new ram I installed 4-5 hours ago. I took out that stick of ram and my computer is fine now. I find it weird though because my computer was working fine for 4-5 hours until now and then I took the new ram stick out and now its fine. Should I try re installing the ram? thanks in advance guys
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  1. Try putting the ram back in , make sure everything is working fine and you're in dual channel mode if you have two sticks of ram. Then if it fails take one stick out and check which stick is broken ( use your stick on one stick of ram and then swap around ). If the PC dies when using either stick of ram just return it tbh.

    Hope I helped :)
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