Best motherboard for i3 3220

sir/mam i want best motherboard for intel i3
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  1. If you want the best bang for your buck motherboard for the Intel i3 and don't plan on upgrading to a K series processor, run multiple graphics cards, etc., you might want to go with a B75 motherboard or H77 like this one:

    But if you do then you might go for (another best bang for your buck) Z77 like this one:
  2. Above poster made some great suggestions. These are also a good bang for the buck..

    I don't think he will be buying a Z77 board with an i3 CPU. It's no need to have a Z77 OC board with a non OC CPU...
  3. ASROCK H77 M - no problems with mine in new system build for last 6 months
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