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which mobo is better for i have asus m5a970 non evo
or gigabyte a970 ds3
i also wanted to know that is this safe to mount the mobo with between gaps with newspaper bw mountholes and mobo too i mc just curious about mobo rear too so i just think install newspaper bw the contact of mobo cpu case too
is this safe one and good one
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  1. Go with the Asus. The motherboard mounts in the case on standoffs from the tray with no papers in between.
  2. i have seriously problem with my corsair 400r carbide when i tight the mount screw
    my cpu dosent start but when i loosen the some screw it start i dont know what this is happenings around there my system i think it chold be my case standoff thing which
    may be is in contact with mobo that create some electricity in case but whne i loosen the screws it start please help me out
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