Will this card work in my crowded system?

(email to palit which recieved worthless reply)

Is this card


or any of your other GTX cards that are two lanes wide thin enough to get airflow if there is another card with a circuit board about the same size in the 3rd slot? For example in my system, about 4 months ago I bought a fairly standard GTX460 from another company, I was able to get it into my system without a problem, but I noticed after it was inside, that the amount of space in between the fan on the card, and the back of the next card (a 6 inch long x-fi sound card) was about 1mm. When I turned the system on I promptly found that within 10 minutes of playing any game, the card was at 75 degrees C, and it sounded like when you stick your hand on the tube of a shop vac, where it sounds like a jet engine winding up, and then like it is going to break.

I wonder if your card here, or any other of your performance cards are thin enough, while still being two lanes wide, to get sufficient airflow with another sizeable card in the very next slot after the video card


And to the tomshardware community, if not this card, do you know of any that would suit my need?
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  1. and by that I mean a performance videocard, not a single lane budget $50 card.
  2. well for one it helps if know how crowded your comp is so show pictures. and what is your mobo
  3. I don't that that really matters. I'll rephrase, I have 3 slots. Here is a diagram of the mobo section. = signs are filler for it to display properly.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l
    pcixpress 16x where I want the new 2 lane card=======l
    ===========================================l - - frame of two lane video card
    regular pci slot that will be covered by vid card=======l
    third lane, another regular pci with a 6 in long X-FI sound card, and as you can see, right next to the video card fan.

    In this situation, are there any two lane performance cards (GTX series) that are thin enough so that there will be enough airflow between the back of the sound card where the number 6 is on the diagram, and where the videocard fan is, because literally, when I installed a full size GTX 460 which I obviously had to return, there was literally as much space between the dashed line of the sound card and the vidcardfan as in the diagram. The cards that have the fans on the end wouldn't work either unless the fan started 7 inches in on the card, or it was just slimmer.
  4. ascii I hate you
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