AMD FX-8150 Motherboard suggestions.

Hey guys, Im pretty new to the whole computer hardware scene, and I need a bit of help with my first build. It's based on the AMD FX-8150 processor, and I would really appreciate suggestions for a good motherboard. I want to spend under $200, I probably wont be doing any heavy overclocking, or maybe none at all but I'd still like the option for the future. So if anyone's got any suggestions of any kind, it would be much appreciated, Thanks :D
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    Pretty much any 970 or 990 board will do the trick. Kind of hard to recommend anything since you didn't say what you are using it for.

    What size do you want? I like mATX but some people want the extra PCIe lanes or sata ports and go for regular ATX. If you want a mini build with say a bitfenix prodigy you'll need a mini ITX board.

    My last builds have all been gigabyte so I guess I am somewhat biased, but Asus, Asrock, Gigabyte, MSI are all big players.

    Really just comes down to what you want, how many PCIe lanes, how many sata ports, do you want a raid (if so which ones), dual NICs, wifi or bluetooth built in etc.

    Also why not the 8350 if you are building new? The 8350 is the successor to the 8150.
  2. Well I basically already have all my components except for my motherboard (i guess it would have been helpful to list that in the first place :P sorry). I picked up the 8150 on sale a while ago and I'm not too worried about it. I just really don't know anything about motherboards and I really don't know if theres like something that is THE motherboard to get or what. I've been looking around a lot and I've found these motherboards, what do you think?

    Obviously, The MSI at the top would be my first choice, but If I can get similar performance and save $50 or so I would prefer that. Like I said I really dont know much about them, like does it just come down to personal preference as long as they're compatible?
    Also, sorry if I'm being a bit noobish or something, I'm new to the whole Forum scene haha :p


    AMD FX-8150
    MSI Radeon HD 7850 Twin Frozr III OC
    Thermaltake Overseer RX-1
    Seagate 1TB 7200 hdd
    2x4gb Corsair vengance memory
    Thermaltake 750w modular powersupply (overkill, i know :P)

    thanks for the help :D
  3. The last two you linked actually wouldn't work as they are for FM2 socket (AMDs APU A8,A10 etc....).

    As for 990vs970 the difference comes mostly down to PCIe lanes so if your thinking of going x-fire it might be worth it, but really I honestly don't think the average user will notice the difference between the 970 and 990 when in xfire.

    990fx - x16,x16,x4 (dual x16 for Crossfire/SLI)
    990x - x16,x8,x4 (x8 x8 for Crossfire/SLI)
    970 - x16,x4 (x16 x4 for Crossfire/SLI)

    This article is a bit older, but has some interesting reviews on 990 boards

    Me personally I would take the asrock and put the $50 in my pocket or use it towards a faster GPU! Hope this helps.
  4. alrighty, thanks :D i'll let you know when I make my final decision if you wish :P
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