How to use a different Sound Manager? PLEASE HELP!

So I purchased a Diamond Xtreme 7.1 24bit Sound Card. Had a problem with drivers but fixed that. What I want to do is not use the Diamond Sound Manager but the Realtek HD Audio Manager. The Diamond one is horrible. It doesn't have a sound test option. Is there a way to get rid of that and use the Realtek one? I am using Turtle Beach Z6A Headphones, it uses 5.1 sound so yeah.

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  1. I'd stick to Windows Sound Manager and configurations if I were you, instead of mixing Diamond hardware and Realtek Software... :)
    You've really picked the best of the best eh?
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    Nope you can't control the soundcard with software written for different hardware(onboard audio chip)=impossible!
    Use the windows volume control panel and select which device sounds best.
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