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Hey everyone.
So I installed Windows 7 (x64)/(x86) on my PC a while back without any problems at all. Now lately, when I start the computer up for the first time, it just wont start. Turn my monitor on and it says "No signal". I can only get the computer to boot up when i do several restart button pushes :/
So I figured it might be the video card drivers that are problematic and I installed the newest ones that I found from the official site(my graphics card is an XFX 9800GT). It didn't help, maybe relieved the problem a bit but I haven't really noticed it. I've opened the computer case up and tryed to push the Graphics card into the PCi slot further, because it may have slided out after a while (highly unlikely, it's screwed in, but just for good measure :D). Umm, I had no problems with booting up on Windows XP before(I was on that before Win 7, and I formatted my HDD and did everything properly) ... Is this a hardware or a software problem? :S I tryed searching for fixes for this but I got bored of searching too fast so I made this thread :) I'd like to get a quick fix, it's taking me 5-15 minutes to start up the computer every time, it's bad when I might be in a hurry someday :/
Hope to get a fast reply and fix

Martin aka marvJarv ^_^
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  1. The first thing to do is unplug any/all unnecessary devices from your computer - Especially USB stuff. Then try to start. Often that will work, since during start up Windows has to look for the drivers for all devices. If one doesn't respond or if the driver is missing/slow/broken, then Windows has to wait (and wait and wait) for the process to time out before it proceeds.
  2. I tryed doing that and it just didn't work too good at all. Umm, I turned the PSU off for a few seconds and then turned it on again and that got the computer running again. Some times this doesn't help, though :(
    I'd greatly appreciate another diagnosis for this :)
  3. download OCCT and run the stress test for the PSU (be warned this will make a marginal PSU puke), if the PSU passes the motherboard may be on it's last legs, also if the video card is weak, a bad transistors or low power it will act the same way
  4. any problem related to windows 7 or 8 is bound to get solved here
  5. Wow. I forgot this thread was still open. I had the memories checked under the warranty and got them replaced. The problem disappeared when I installed the new ones.
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