Laptop No Display and CPU fan not spinning

Hi I'm having problem with my laptop Toshiba satellite A50-109. When i turn on my laptop the LED light is on.. but the fan of processor is not spinning and i get no display at all. is it the fan of the processor that is causing no display?
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  1. First take the battery out and put it back in. Then make plug it in for half an hour or so and then try it again. It's likely dead though.

    Is it on warranty? Send it back if it is.
  2. warranty already expired... ok i'll try... thanks..
  3. Still not getting display.. what will I do? I even tried on external monitor but still no display..
  4. You could try reseating the memory. Google will tell you how.
  5. already did that nothing happens... could it be the fan of the processor that causes the display problem?
  6. likely the fan is not spinning because the computer is not booting. not the other way around.

    The easiest thing to do would be to bring it computer store that does repairs. Not sure if it's even worth it though, that laptop is rather old. The data should be easy enough to recover, just take out the hdd and plug it into a desktop (same way you would with a regular hdd)
  7. I just saw that the mother board has no cmos battery...
  8. there's an empty slot for a cmos battery? Did you take the laptop apart just before it stopped working?
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