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So the other day I was criticized for having my power supply fan facing up instead of down. My issue is that all power supplies have two openings; an intake and an exhaust. In the current configuration it is taking hot air from inside the case and shooting it out the back of the case. If I were to turn it upside down it would take cool air from outside the case and shoot that cool air right back outside. So my question. Why put the psu fan facing down, if that clearly just doesn't seem to work?
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  1. To better cool your psu. If the case doesn't have good airflow that direction however, it would be better to have it face up, so it really depends on the case.
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    A power supply operates better when the intake air is cool.

    Drawing warmed air from inside the case through the power supply isn't the ideal way. If you have a power supply that can't deal with warm temperatures then its power capacity will be reduced.
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