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I just updated BIOS v.1708, when it restarted my screen was all black. The TUF logo has gone and it when straight to Win now. And another problem is... when plugged my WD Passport 0740 into USB 3.0, it said

"This USB Mass Storage Device can transfer information faster if you connect it to a Super-Speed USB 3.0 port"

without any driver show up. I had to unplugged and re-plugged the device for Win to recognize it.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I'm using:

Main: Sabertooth z77
CPU: 3770k
RAM: 8GB Dominator Platinum
PSU: Corsair GS800 v1

all the mainboard drivers are up to date

Sorry for my bad English
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  1. If still there...

    It's recommending you enable Super-Speed. Read your motherboard manual, you may have to:
    a) download the appropriate drivers, and
    b) enable the feature in the BIOS

    Super-Speed USB can provide a huge speed boost with the right hardware.

    *I had stability issues with BIOS 1708. I rolled back to the earlier addition and all was fine. Most people have no issues, and 1708 solves some. My guess is it depends on your hardware and that neither BIOS is perfect.
  2. several days ago I tried to flash bios by a usb stick as some guys suggested :"do not update bios through internet"

    everything seems fine right now except... Every time I push the Power button, the system's lights are on - then off - and on again before going to window.

    I went straight from 1403 to 1708 So... I think I'll run my PC for another week or so before flashing back the earlier version like you said.

    Thank you.
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