Need help and suggestions on my first pc build. Thank you in advance!

Approximate Purchase Date: End of November

Budget Range: $1800 - $1900

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming to editing pictures and movies.

Parts Not Required: Keyboard, mouse, speakers, monitor

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country: USA

Parts Preferences: the best in performance and reliabilty
Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: No

Monitor Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Additional Comments: thanks in advance for your help!

Hello everyone,

First time posting here on tom's but i have been an avid reader for quite some time now. I have been trying to build a gaming rig for about 3 years now but was always hesitant on spending the money. But now my 6 yr old hp is dying on me and i can afford to spend $1800 on a pc since my budget cleared up a little bit. I have been reading up about different components for my new pc for a couple of months now and i have finally decided to get the following for my first ever gaming computer build.

CPU: i5 2500k of course!]


CASE: Thermaltake Chaser MK-I


PSU: XFX PRO 750w --> switched to SeaSonic X750 thanks to 9_breaker


RAM: 8gb CORSAIR VEANGEANCE 1600 ( 2 x 4gb )

STORAGE: x1 WD 500gb



I am going to be adding 2 more 200mm fan for the top and side panel of the case and swapping the rear 140mm with another fan as well.

2x COOLER MASTER 200mm Fans :


I am also going to do a push and pull config with the CM 212+ evo cpu cooler with 2 120mm fans. And using ARCTIC COOLING MX-4 as thermal paste.


2x COOLER MASTER 120mm fans

I was also wondering if 64gb for an ssd is enough for my OS / Norton / MW3? If not then i'll just wait for the price of 128g m4 to come down.

As you can see i am going with the blue led to match the case. I really like how the MK-I looks and i think it will have good airflow. ( it better be! i'll be putting a lot of fans in there! lol )

I am only planning on using a single monitor ( 27" LED. hopefully i find a good deal this black friday! :??: ) I'm eyeballing this at a local bestbuy right now

Any suggestions and help will be greatly appreciated. I am a novice when it comes to building a gaming system. I have only been reading and watching vids to help me pick these components so please enlighten me.

Thanks in advance guys! ftw! :D
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  1. everything looks good so far . you could use a different psu for future sli and the psu you selected has a lot of bad reviews.
  2. Thanks a lot! im switching the PSU to Seasonic x750.

    I don't plan on going with dual video card. I'm just planning to build me a better system that will last me up to 5 yrs without being too far behind the new stuff that are gonna come out.

    I think im going to stick with the asus v-pro mobo. i've read better reviews on it having lower vCores. And it has 2 extra usb 3.0 slots for the MK-I's front panel.
  3. 5 years is a long time . five years ago 2007 the 8800 ultra was the best but now its like a 6790 .

    it would be best to sli if you can
  4. Look at this PSUs, one is 10, and the other is 20 dollars more than ur selected PSU
    (Run for the last one, HUGE deal)
  5. thanks for the suggestions guys. but i think i'm going to stick with a single gtx 580 for a couple of years. i can try to overclock it down the road (hopefully 2-3 yrs) when it's not running games that good anymore.

    also, the recommended psu wattage for my setup from the newegg PSU calculator is 586 watts so i was thinking of just going for a 650 watt psu. i picked the seasonic x650.

    it's gold certified and fully modular.what do you guys think?

    i also wanted to know if i could go ahead and use a 128gb sdd as my main storage for now because i checked my current hdd and i only have a total of 96 gb used with all my media and games in there.

    i'll buy a hdd in a couple of months after i save up again. i was just thinking about my budget for right now. or maybe even another 128gb sdd if it goes on what do you guys think?
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