Radeon hd 6790 blackscreen

i pluged a sapphire radeon 6790 into my pc *old gfx card broke by moving pc on voltage, it did a little move in the slot* now system boots. installed os 7 ultimate... al fine .. when i install the grafic driver the system reboots... all normal so far.. its booting to the start screen *loading windows7* then screen goes black and u only hear that he goes to desktop cos the start sound comes up.. numlock on and off still works so system isnt stuck.. power off button also shuts down windows normaly.. u hear logging out sound.. just no screen at all . any idea ?
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  1. you can try unplugging the video cable and plugging it back in when it is black.
    you can also try a different type of cable, say hdmi instead of DVI or whatever.
    you can go into safemode uninstall the driver and then install an older version of the same driver.
    you can try calling your computer really bad names and hope you convince it to work.
    you can lastly RMA the card cuz it refuses to work.
  2. dont laugh

    make sure your screen is set to pc
    or whatever check the settings
    go into your bios check the pci config maybee change some settings
    16x 8x 4x u know what i mean
    try a different pci slot maybee its burned
    make sure your card gets the power it needs to run stable or run at all
    if u dont got a 6 or 8 oder whatever pin connector on your card u should do this
    change power management of your OS to balanced
    go to : regedit/HKEY_LOCAL_MASCHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Class/{4D36E967-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}/0001 and change Enable ULPS to 0
    if it still doesnt work
    update your driver again + ccc
    flash the latest bio
    still doesnt work?
    try to get your money back
    or take the card and throw it into a window of somebody u really hate

    take care
  3. mhhh motherboard only got one pcie slot :/ and its a old old old screen with only normal cable input

    gonna try the older driver and the bios

    tho why they offer a driver disc if its not working xD
  4. oh never use the driver disk unless its for network drivers.
    always get a new one from the internet. prevents a lot of problems.
    the driver they provided probably works with most computer configurations. just not yours.
  5. power cables set correctly power suply has enough power to run the whole thing to checked that *500w needed it got 570*
  6. also windows self driver update failed.... same problem
  7. did u try a different card in your pci slot?

    btw u can roughly calculate your psu usage with this tool
  8. radeon hd 6790 sapphire vga card
    amd phenom II quad cpu
    gigabyte S-series nvidia mcp72-78 mainboard
    kingston 2x 2gb ddr2
    if that matters anyway
  9. sadly i dont got a chance to try it
    i dont got another card and also know nobody who has
    the guy form the pc shop said bring pc to me ofc
    but that will result in a rat tail for sure... buy this n this n this ... :p
  10. in another forum somebody said that a chip or something ON THE CARD wouldve burned out already so the gl and 3d support aint run propperly ... but wtf the card is brand new
  11. hmm i heard of many peeps having problems with ati cards and nvidia chipsets
    but u should really try if the pci slot isnt burned out get a cheap whatever card
    and if the pc shop guy wants to fix it bring it to him if he cant do it he needs to replace it
    or take the card bring it to the shop and let him test it ...
  12. bios is latest version... would wonder if it wasnt... the board is kinda new to
    i rather investigate the 30euro to let him test the whole engine then buying another 30 euro card else way the second card would be useless in the end no ? ^^
    and if the radeon is fine , then i just bite my ass :P
    i think the pcie slot self got a hit
    the mainboard is kinda new to
    maybe the warantee safes me
    ty for all ur atention
  13. yw mate

    good luck
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