FX-6100 vs 1100T

Hello all

I am looking to build a PC to stream video gaming/do video editting

I am looking to get a six-core CPU to help with the multi-tasking and rendering

So my question is do i go with the FX-6100 or the Phenom X6 1100T?

the rest of the PC will be the following:

Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5
CF Radeon HD 6950 (2 GBs)
8GB RAM @ 16000 DDR3
and a 850W PSU (OCZ ZX)

thanks all
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  1. 1100T all the way.

    better in every way shape or form. Oc'ing stability and price and performance
  2. Thanks for that answer Spoony, but could you give me some reasons? I'm not asking because i dont believe you, I am just curious as to why an older CPU would be better than a newer?

    I have found prices are actually the other way around (the FX-6100 is cheaper than the 1100T) but not a bigger difference (around 30 bucks) but that 30 bucks is an aftermarket coolers so it does make a bit of a difference :D

    I am actually very curious about this, i am not very knowledgable about this kind of thing and i would like to know more

    Thanks :D
  3. My x1100T was on sale from $220 to $180 at micro-center. It came with a free gigabyte 78lmt-s2p mATX mobo, a $60 value. That extra hundred saved allowed me to get a 560 > 550 GTX which honestly made all the difference in this build as the bottleneck was/is on the gpu. I couldn't do that with a 6100. You get a lot more value and customization with the 1100T, mainly because the 6100 is not unlocked like the 1100T. The ability to bump the multiplier and not the bus makes OC'ing the ram & cpu a lot easier.

    I'm running this at 1.35v @ 3.7ghz on the stock cooler in a $30 cooler master case that I threw six 120mm fans in. Prime95 temps don't exceed 48c after hours of testing (62c is max). Prior to installing all the case fans the annoying stock cpu fan would exceed 6000 rpm and to be honest drove me insane.. quickly. With proper air flow I haven't seen it go above 4k rpm while gaming, it's completely inaudible now.

    Hope this helped a little ;-( whole build was $480 after rebates.
  4. Fx-6100=horrible. 1100t all the way!
  5. FX-6100 is less expensive for a reason - it's performance is less.
    Phenom X6 1100T is your better performance option.
    FX-6100 is your better budget option.
    You'd need the FX 8150/8120 to close in on X6 1100T performance.
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