ASRock A75Pro4-M Windows 8

Just finished a build using this board,everything is working fine but i can't get it to boot.I get the windows logo come up then it stops!!!I am a novice at this so any help would be much appreciated.Thanks :ange:
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  1. Did you reuse your hard drive that already had windows installed on it? If so you should reinstall windows on your HDD.
  2. No its a new hard drive its really frustrating.Its my first build and was feelig pleased with myself that it was all working.
  3. Is there a BIOS update?
  4. I looked on their website but i dont find anything.Can you install updates without an os?
  5. For BIOS yes.
  6. anonymous1 said:
    For BIOS yes.

    Its sorted!!!!!!! I got a 20 year old wizz kid in and had it sorted out in 20 minutes !!!!BLOODY KIDS!!!!! Thanks for your help Ican sleep tonight now :bounce:
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