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[Power Supply] Strange ticking noise

Hey guys,

I have build my PC late last year and I've recently been hearing a ticking noise which is definitely coming from my PSU. I know that the fan isn't hitting anything because that sound is coming from the cord and where you connect it to the PSU. The ticking noise goes off probably once ever 10 seconds and it's only quiet but very frustrating at some points. The Power Supply I have is an Antec 850w Current and it's new.

I have 4 year warranty on the Power Supply, would there be any chance of me returning it?

Thank you very much,
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  1. Contact Antec, explain the condition, and ask for a RMA for replacement, including shipping both ways. You may have to pay to ship it back, but it never hurts to ask.
  2. Try a different cord. They are pretty much a standard configuration. You may have a bad cord connection and you are hearing an arcing spark. If it is from inside the unit do what Treefrog07 suggests.
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    A different cord isn't going to fix crap. Just RMA before it dies like mine did. Once there is coil squeal that is when you need to get it replaced by any means before it gets worse and fails. It doesn't matter what brand is on the label it can take out the rest of the system it goes out. I almost lost my $160 990FX board when the unit failed.
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