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Does Antec h20 620 fit Maximus IV gene/gen3 mobo

I am trying to find out which liquid cool (Corsair,Antec,etc..) fit over the CPU on the Maximus IV Gene/gen3 mobo.
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  1. all liquid coolers will fit on your motherboard socket area, the size is more relative to the size of your case. my Antec Kuhler 920 fits wells in most mid-tower ATX cases, i'm assuming the 620 will fit even better.
  2. Since it's a Micro ATX board i am afraid the copper coldplate or the back bracket might encounter fitting problem.
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    The copper coldplate goes flush against the CPU top together with the pump the height is about 28mm, and the Back Bracket is also a component that goes flush against the mobo.... no issues there.
    The cooler is perfectly compatible with the CPU Socket so it ought to be fine.
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