Confused about build

I am building a new build and I'm confused a lot.

I'm thinking of this:
-AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE 3.2Ghz
-AMD Radeon HD 6950 2GB
-need to decide mobo
-need to decide psu
-1TB HDD 7200RPM

My budget is around INR30000-INR40000 and I don't know whenever someone asks about buying GPU,everyone suggest a Radeon HD graphics,is there something bad about nVidia?
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  1. Asrock 970 AM3+ Motherboard

    Get the 6950 1GB version.

    A 500w would be fine if you don't plan to heavy OC or SLI.
  2. but why should i buy the 1gb version,is there any perfomance gap?and yes I plan on heavy OC'ing and does it possible to reach 4.0Ghz on air cooling?
  3. No performance gap with the 1gb in a single monitor setup. :D
  4. UPDATE: Yes, The 970 Is An Excellent Chipset If Your Only Going With A Single Card I Have One Myself By MSI (SLI And Crossfire Are Overrated) However You Could Use That Second x16 Slot (x4 Limited) For A Physics Card (Go With At-Lest 32SPUs) And I See Nothing Wrong With The AMD Cards. I Use Nvidia And Alwayse Have In My Builds Because Of The Less Confusing Controll Panel And More Stable Drivers.

    Stay Away From SSDs At The Moment Theres Too Much Of Cost/Capacity Ratio, Your Best Bet Is To Go With A Small Boot Drive (Say 160-200GB Range) And A Couple Of Raptors In RAID-0 For Your Gaming, And A Large High Capacity HDD For Your Mass Storage (500GB+) If You Have The Cash.

    And It Is Possible To Reach 4GHz On Aircooling With The Last And Best Stepping Of The Phenom IIs, Mines Currently Sitting At 3.9GHz Up From Stock Speed Of 2.8GHz (Its Actually A X3 With An Unlocked Core) And I Finnaly Reached Its Stability End-Point Last Night. Note; I Would Not Reccomend Going Over A Max Vcore Of 5.55v For Longitivety Sake.

    Ive Built Several Hundered Custom PCs For My Customers In My "Unofficial" Business And My Most Rescent Custom Build Is Number 7 Of The 9 PCs Ive Owned Since I Rebuilt, Modded And Enhanced My First Machine (OEM) When I Was 13 (Im 30 Now)
  5. but some new games are taking advantages 2gb memory graphic cards
  6. do I buy 600 watts psu with 12V rails
  7. Yes Some Games Are Taking Advantage Of 2GB But That Mostly With High AA And AF. So Get A Single Card At Or Near 2GB On The VRAM.

    Yes Single-Rails Are Generally Better, With Your PSU Also Make Sure Its Name Brand, DONT SKIMP! But There Is Sutch A Thing As Overkill Especially For Your Electrical Bill (From Best To Least Best Are; PC Power And Cooling, Thermaltake, Corsair Etc.) I Myself Run A Thermaltake Black Widow 750Watt (850Watt Peak) Also Make Sure Your PSU Is At-Least 80+ Standard At Minimum And Has ACTIVE-PFC

    UPDATE - Please Take A Look At My Last Post On Ths Thread (^)
  8. Can you find a good PSU for mine?
  9. Sure Can, Whats Your Budget On PSU Alone?
  10. INR6000
  11. Where Are You From, Where Can You Order, And What Is That In American $$??
  12. I'm from India,Uttar Pradesh,Meerut.It is $120.If you can,then fina place that has COD payment in the city of Meerut
  13. It May Take Some Time But Ill Do Some Searching For Ya Buddy
  14. Thanks man.....and I another mobo:Asus MotherBoard - F1A75-M LE
    Cabinet:iBall Gaming Thunder Bolt Cabinet (Without
  15. hey mate, i too lie in india, dont take that iball crap, get a cooler master haf912, i cost 3500 to 4500 rs but well earn the money.
    for psu, your budget is 6000rs, so , hmm, search if there is an antec earthwattts green 650w in your area.
    in which city do you live, i live in agra

    check this out,tell me whether the cases are good or bad.
  17. antec 300 is surely a better case, well worth the money.
    and please for god sake, don't even think about using those i ball crap psu's.
    use pasu from brands like corsair, antec, seasonic enermax etc.
  18. thermal take commander VN400A1W2N No PS Mid tower Case(black)
    Is this good?If it is,then what's the price of it?
  19. it will cost you the same but antec 300 is a better option
  20. I found antec 300 in Rs.4691.does that price look resonable?
  21. for india yes, its reasonable, try doing some bargaining
  22. I found a Cooler Master 600W PSU for Rs.3800.I don't have much information right now,I will collect full information about that and post here.I'm buying the 2GB version of HD 6950 coz I need future proof Graphic card and Is there any other Processor better that Phenom II x4 955 in same price range?
  23. nope, 955 gives the best for the price, fx arent release in india yet.
    i dont like cooler master psu's.
    get any antec or corsair one.
    good choice for the 6950 2g version
  24. from what manufacturer do I buy the 6950 2GB and phsyx card can mix with Radeon Graphic cards and what is the cost of physx card?
  25. i prefer sapphire cards.
    i have used 2 like my 5770 and a 6850 and they are very solid.
    physx, your card can play games at highest settings without any hassle, you don't need additional card.

    so what's your final build, please list it.
  26. Need physx coz I like it's effect in some games and most important in Mafia 2.

    Final Build:

    Motherboard:ASRock 970

    Graphic card:Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 2GB

    CPU:AMD Phenom II x4 Black Edition 3.2Ghz

    Cabinet:Antec three hundred

    PSU:will decide soon

    HDD:Not buying at this time(coz prices are high)

    does antec or corsair PSU's differ from cooler master PSU's?
  27. cooler master will blow your system up, they dont know hot to make a decent psu.
    antecs are superior in both quality and performance
  28. Changed my mind and willing to spend 3000INR more:

    My build:

    Motherboard:ASUS M5A97(
    Graphic card:A) Msi TwinFrozr III PE/OC 6950 2GB(
    :B)Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 2GB Dirt-3 edition(
    CPU:AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE(
    PSU:CORSIAR Enthusisast Series TX 650 V2 650W(
    Cabinet:Antec Dark Fleet DF-10(
    Mouse:Logitech MX518 8 Buttons USB Wired Optical 1800 dpi Gaming Mouse(
    other gaming equipments:Thrustmaster Universal Racing wheel 5 in 1(
    RAM:G.Skill Ripjaws 4GB Single stick(

    and that's total is Rs.39720(included MSI graphic card).Does everything looks good?
  29. heck of a nice rig, go for it
  30. hey,my woofers's bass gone out and want to spend Rs.2700 alone on speakers,can you suggest a good 5.1 multimedia speakers?
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