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okay so i'm not exactly an expert when it comes to these things so i let a professional to create a PC for me. He bought an Aspire M3970 and made a few tweaks to it. that meant a custom graphics card...the Geforce 405. the guy probably thought 1gb of memory was enough and he was helping me scrape off a few bucks.
i got the PC because i thought "hey, a 405, a card in the GT400 series can't be bad." i noticed it lacked a "GT" but i didnt pay much thought to it. next thing i know, i can barely play Bad Company 2 on the lowest settings. okay, given that my configuration is this: but with a Geforce 405

and my PSU is probably this:

...what graphics card should i get? i'm looking for something around the 150-200$ bracket. or should i just change the PSU entirely and in that case which PSU should i be looking at and which GPU should i get to go with it?
i want to play a wide array of games. From WoW to Battlefield 3 to Skyrim and whatever major title i missed in between. i don't care about 16x AA or maxed out settings. i just want a decent rig that will get me framerates with decent graphics.

NOTE: i'm approximately 95% about that being my PSU. the bill for the PC didn't arrive yet so i don't wanna damage the warranty by looking inside. maybe i can just return it and get one with a proper configuration.
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  1. Your right i think about the 300W psu and that will not be enough for a decent game gpu.
  2. You're going to want a decent PSU, 500 watts from a brand that's reputable (try and aim for something like an Antec, Coolermaster, Thermaltake, Corsair, OCZ, all of these are good). From there, you can support any mid range graphics card at a decent framerate (Anything at a GTX 560 or 6950 level and below would work just fine).
  3. i was actually thinking of a Radeon HD6850 as a GPU. i heard it has decent performance and it doesnt use that much power so even if i screw up with the PSU it might not be so bad. thanks for the PSU advice though, thats totally unfamiliar territory for me. at least for GPUs you can check out benchmarks.
  4. Your sytem deserves a 6870 actually. But you'll need a better psu anyway, also with the 6850. Go for a brand which borisof007 mentioned, preferably get a 80+ certified one.
    Maybe one of these ;
    And by the way, fire that "professional" :lol:
  5. Oh, forgot ; When your psu goes down it sometimes can take some vital parts like cpu etc with it.
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