FX-6100 or I5 2500k (gaming)

Well I just recently built a $1100 gaming computer right now using a FX-6100 6core processor. With this im getting about 40fps on runescape high detail fixed screen which i find crazy but when i increase it to resizeable/full screen it goes down from 17-20fps. I was wondering if i got a intel i5 2500k would my fps increase? or would they be around the same fps?
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  1. Hello aninjacheezit;

    Any chance your GPU is the bottleneck?
  2. not totally sure what that is but my gpu is 1024mb gddr5 geforce gtx560
  3. Some FX-6100 vs i5-2500 gaming benchmarks

    Without knowing for certain what else is going on with the system I can't say that the i5-2500 wouldn't also have the same type of performance drop off running Runescape in windowed mode.
  4. How does one spend $1100 for an fx 6100 machine???? Anything above $700 should be an intel machine.
  5. A monitor, a SSD, a nice keyboard w/ mouse and you could be closing in on an extra $400.
  6. WR2 said:
    A monitor, a SSD, a nice keyboard w/ mouse and you could be closing in on an extra $400.

    I never include extra peripherals into the build, so I could see where you are coming from.
  7. well heres all my components if this helps you determine which would be better (also i know i'll have to upgrade my motherboard to)
    case: antec nine hundred
    mb: 890fxa-gd70
    cpu: fx6100 6core
    ram: 2x 4gb gskill
    gpu: geforce gtx560
    hdd: seagate 1tb
    power supply: seasonic 650w
  8. and yes the $1100 is with everything together OS mouse keyboard monitor ect...
  9. You didn't mention what resolution your monitor was...or the resolution in use by the game.

    I do know that leaving full screen mode can put an extra workload on the GPU.
    It has to work to figure out which pixels to use for X game resolution and translate to Y window screen resolution.

    -> I'm thinking you should punt this question over into the Runescape forums just to make sure it's not a possible software issue with the game.
    I'd hate to have you change hardware only to find it's still going on.
  10. You could also try a bit of testing with other game settings.
    Medium details and game resolution to match the window size - that type of thing.
    You can probably make a judgement if it's more about the GPU or the CPU doing that type of testing.
  11. my monitor resolution is 1200x800 and i play on 1200x800 full screen
    and ya i did that to everyone else seems to be getting 30+ fps and pretty much all using i5 n i7 intels
    I might not even upgrade to i5 but im very curious because of all the reviews saying how intel stomps amd and how no amd cpu matches i5-i7
  12. They are more expensive CPUs - so I guess you'd expect better performance.

    It's hard to imagine at GTX 560 having trouble with 1200x800 resolution.
    Have you tried that same type of thing with other games? Same drop off?
  13. RuneScape was the first game i played I was having problems with the computer literally like 5 hours ago i thought i had a faulty mb but my mb didn't have the bios for my processor updated which took me forever to troubleshoot something so common. Also looking at the price a intel i5 2500k is only 50 more than my fx6100.
  14. woah correction my screen resolution is 1600x900 big difference sorry
  15. Yeah, I was surprised when you mentioned 1200x800.
  16. $50 isn't a lot - but it's like ... a 33% increase in price?
  17. ya guess it does look alot more money if u put it that way and i just tried different graphic settings for runescape all on the 1600x900 setting at high detail its 15fps med its 20fps which i guess is good cuz the fps in the log turns yellow at low detail it goes up to 30 and at low detail it increases at 40 and this doesnt matter but at the log in screen its 50 lol
  18. run msi afterburner or evga precision and let us know the gpu clocks whilst its gaming. i'm suspecting that its not thinking it is loaded. I've seen this a few days ago on a game (possilby minecraft).
  19. GPU Temp: 28
    GPU usage: 1
    fan speed: 30
    core clock: 51
    shader clock: 101
    memory usage 37
  20. heres a little update
    High Detail is around 1600x900 resolution is 9fps-12fps
    Med Detail is around 1200x800 resolution is 16fps
    Low Detail is around 1000x600 resolution is 24fps
    Min Detail is around 1000x600 resolution is 25-26fps
    Fixed Screen is around 800x600 resolution
    Fixed Min-High detail 20fps-15fps
    It seems my fps decrease alot when it comes to resolution but only slightly due to graphics.
    and Precision says im using 1%-3% GPU that doesn't seem normal but i never used this program before.
  21. it could problem with the game itself. have you tried running other games just like WR22 suggested?

    Look at the system specs for Runescape, there must be either an issue with the card or the game. I can play Runescape with better rates on my laptop. To test this fully, try a similar game to Runescape, and see if the issue is still present. Three examples of similar games that come to mind are:

    1) Maple Story:
    2) Dragon Fable:
    3) Ragnarok Online:
  23. ok guys little update there seems there was an option i had to pick for display mode i had to pick directX inow im getting a smooth average of 25fps but my cpu usage 20% and gpu usage 10% seem a little low am i right or is that good for 25fps?

    EDIT 1: 25fps in a big battle field but when im skilling at a bank im averaging 41fps :o i believe i found the problem being not using the right display mode
  24. Best answer
    Going back to ur origional question, if you were getting a i5-2500k and you where playing more demanding games I would recomend upgrading ur GPU, I have a simular system and my 560 bottlenecks it in battlefield :(
  25. instead of upgrading would a sli 2x 560 be better? and im about to try skyrim (yes i mostly play rpgs on my pc) imma see how my setup fairs against a more graphical rpg
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