PB IPower X3.0 wich pci-e type ?

Been searching for hours on the net and my head almost explodes.
Does anyone out there knows if my mobo is pci-e 2.0 or 2.1. And would putting a 2.1 card in a 2.0 slot give problems with high res gaming like screen tearing and stuttering when moving around on the map ?
Mobo AMI p01-a3. Packard Bell IPower x3.0.
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  1. Forgot this ; Cpuid-z says pci express x16, does this mean it's 1.0 . . . . ???? Would cry then, bought this system new 1,5 years ago.
  2. I'm no expert but I think GPU-Z might say what it is. I noticed that it told me I had 2.0.
  3. Keep your eye on it though as after about 10 seconds it drops the version off screen.
  4. Not sure what you mean with the last reply, but i think you're right it probably is 1.0. :cry:
    Thanks !
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    If you get GPU-Z and not CPU-Z then there is a place on the main screen that tells you. It only displays the version number for about 10 seconds though. It then refreshes and only shows PCIE 16x @16x instead of PCIE 16x @ 16x 2.0

    Hope this helps
  6. Right, didn't notice that there is a difference between those. ( thought it was just misspeld . . . duh ) I'll download it this afternoon, i'm at work now. Thanks.
  7. Yeah I assumed it was the same too at first. Turns out it's not even made by the same people.
  8. Oke i've got gpuz. It says bus interface pci-e2.0x16@x16 2.0. But does this say the gpu has that version or te mobo ?
  9. Hmmm good point. I told you I wasn't an expert, sorry. My money is on your mobo being 2.0 though.

    I read that you tried a Gigabyte 560ti soc but had to return it. I have just tried three of them and they all have issues. If I throttle back the memory on the card if fixes the problem. I know that's too late to help you but I found it interesting.
  10. Didn't rma it yet. Please tell more. By problems you mean the tearing stuff ? Are you sure ; i can put the 560 back in, but i have to go trough the whole bs of removing amd drivers, installing and maybe flashing again for the 560 ? If you really think it fixes it it's def. worth a try. Could you exactly describe when you had those problems ?
  11. Yeah sure, here goes....

    All three cards are 560ti-950-SO rev2.

    First had bad tearing and freezing and big green dots. The dots were about 10mm in diameter and they would flash on screen for a millisecond. Sometimes just the one dot and sometimes ten or more. I also got a couple of smaller blue squares and even a red dot every now and again. I RMA'd that card asap.

    Second card just had the dots and so I changed the memory clock to 4200mhz and they went away. Down from 4580mhz, as you know. I wasn't happy putting a block under my gas pedal so I got the store to forward replace another card. So now I have two here for the weekend.

    Third card has the dots and worse than the second. Second and third cards didn't tear the screen though.

    These problems happened in Fallout NV, Metro 2033, Mafia 2 and BF Bad Company. They happened straight away too so heat isn't an issue, the cards only ever hit 64ish.

    I personally think (humble opinion) that Gigabyte's "GPU Gauntlet" cherry picking process doesn't extend to the VRAM.

    I really like this card as it offers performance close to a 570 but at NZ$120 less. It's also cool and quiet. I'm not sure I can live with a OC program always open in the background though. Also it doesn't seem fair that I should have to underclock it.

    Also I tried the cards in another computer and it had the same problem.

    Hope this helps.
  12. Oh, I have....

    i5 2500k
    8gb 1600mhz Kingston RAM
    Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 Mobo
    WD 1002FAEX HDD
  13. Oh, Oh....

    PSU is Seasonic X850

    I added the specs because everytime I don't people ask.
  14. Sorry to keep adding things on like this but I keep remembering things after I post.

    I did get tearing with the second card. It happened in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2010. Strangely enough it happened in the loading screen. I found that a bit odd.
  15. Sorry to keep adding things on like this but I keep remembering things after I post.

    Thought i was the only one with that problem :lol:
    The prommissing cherry picking was the main reason i went for the 560 from GB. Before that i had a very unstable 465, so wanted to make sure i got the cherry on the pie this time. Well . . . more the smelly brown stuff which you find occasionely under your shoe :heink: You could be right about the vram.
    Hear a lot of problems with the GB SOC's all about crashing and rebooting and stuff, didn't hear about the dots before. ( also not about the tearing )
    Just to be sure ; did you download drivers from the gigabyte site and used the flash utility ? They solved my crashing and rebooting problems but obviously not the tearing.
    Anyway there's a very rotten fish like smell coming of these cards, they're weird.
    I've got rev 1 btw, not a big difference i think, only mine IS loud.
    I'm very tempted now to try the 560 again with your advice. I do think Nvidea has a better picture than AMD. Maybe the color is a bit warmer at AMD but things like metal shine on canons and stuff is def. better with nvidea. Nvidea looks more realistic i think, AMD is a bit more cartoon like. Also the nvidea panel is easier to use than catalyst imo.
    Anyway, won't be trying that for the next few days, too busy, but i certainly will let you know the outcome.
    Thanks for the reply ( s ) !
  16. Happy to help.

    I also picked the Gigabyte card as they made such big promises about the cherry picking.

    I must look into this flash utility thing, I'm not sure what you mean by that. I only ever use drivers straight from nVidia. I have looked on the Gigabyte site for a new GPU bios but there wasn't one listed for me. I'm not even sure what I'd do with it if there was one there.

    I hope you have some luck with your 560ti.
  17. Which driver do you use now, gigabyte delivers 266.44. , same as mine. After installing those drivers i believe the core voltage was set higher, then running at 1.15V or higher, never had a crash anymore. With the Nvidea drivers it wouldn't even install, crashing during installation. Again, maybe not nessacary because yours is newer and maybe running at higher voltage allready but it's worth it to look in to that i think.
    Bios flash tool is probably not needed, it doesn't support the 560 i believe, weird because i installed it and it worked, but maybe there is just no newer driver for that then.
    I think i'll try monday the 560 again with lower memory clock.
  18. I'm using the 280.26 but I've tried the 275.xx driver too. I never tried the 266.44 as I felt that newer should be better. I know that's not always true but I don't like running old drivers. I'm far too scared to start changing voltages, you're a braver man than I.

    I tried to find a new bios but I found it far too confusing. Everyone is talking about upgrading from F3 to F4 but mine has F11. The drivers that came with that VGA@BIOS program were all ancient and none of them seemed related to the 560ti.
  19. Yeah, i thought the bios utility solved my problems, but after looking better i'am wrong about that. There are no 560 related ones there. I did install the 266.44 and did the bios thingie together so i assumed the bios flash was the solution but it wasn't obviously. So, the drivers must have solved the problem for me then, ( except the tearing ) because after installing 266.44 and the bios utility, never ever crashed again. Gigabyte also states in my manuel only to use official gigabyte drivers because it's an oc'd card and needs custom drivers or something.
    And i'm not much braver than you are ; i don't like to play with voltage settings. After using gigabytes drivers it cranked up the voltage itself, i even can't adjust the processor voltage with oc guru, it doesn't allow that. ( only the memory voltage )

    What voltage is yours running on btw ?
  20. Well, did put the 560 back. Probably being a complete noob now, but it says 1145 mhz at my memory clock ???
  21. Yeah times that by four to get your efferctive rate. It is confusing and I'm also too noobie to understand it. Try setting that to about 1050 and that will give you 4200 effective.
  22. Sorry Rob, I only just realised that you posted twice and I didn't answer your first question.

    Even sorrier, I sent my cards back and I don't remember the voltage.

    I'm now wondering if I should have run the Gigabyte drivers. I just assumed that they were the same as the nVidia ones. I'm really worried now. I might have just made a complete fool of myself with my computer store. Oops!

    Did you have any luck with the lower memory frequency?
  23. Well, you're not the fool I AM ( really ). The driver info was a lot of crap i realize now. I'm using 280.26 now and it works with that also. I guess only the fisrt drivers were crap and after 266.44 they're ok. And i believe the 266.44 are also standard nvidea drivers. Weird thing is it doesn't get the high voltage anymore i believe. ( not complete sure, but normally after playing a game looking at guru i saw the voltage comming down from 1.15/1.17 to 1.04 in idle. I didn't see that now. I'll try in the afternoon to see what it says when i'm playing.
    Why does gigabyte insist then on using their drivers ?
    Actually, didn't want to confess this because it's really stupid, but well . . . the most stupid part is ; the problem with the tearing is solved. ( except one game and i think the problem is with the game itself )
    Being the biggest noob there is i did install the wrong drivers for my monitor when i switched to the 560. I had to reinstall the drivers when i put in the 560 and had the choice between analog and digital version of my monitor, thought i remebered it was the digital, it was the analog . . . . . . . :pfff: Idiot.
    I figured this out because with the 6870 my res switched back all the time to 50HZ. After installing right drivers it stayed at 60H. Now, switching back to the 560 with the right monitor drivers the tearing is as good as gone, so it must have been that. ( it isn't solved by the new 280 drivers, the first day i played with the 266 and the second day i installed 280 ) I feel like and probably am the biggest fool alive.
    Thanks a lot for trying to help anyway. ( but i'm beyond help i'm afraid :pt1cable: )
    Cheers !
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  25. No worries Rob, glad to have tried to help.

    I'm getting an EVGA card to fix my problems. If I was my computer store I'd probably refund me my money and ask me to never shop there again. I still can't believe I got three failed cards.

  26. Last update about the drivers. With 280.26 the problems with graphic driver failure messages are back ! Went back to 266.44, no problems so far.
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