Black screen after returning to game

I have a strange problem. After minimizing game (happens with almost every game) to check something, my screen goes black upon returning to the game...i have no idea why. Sound is still playing, but it's like the monitor (or plasma TV) doesn't even exist. I cant shift-ctrl-del it and i just need to restart my computer. It doesn't happen during the game, but only after maximizing. Pls Help!

Intel Core Extreme CPU X9650 3GHz
4 GB ram
ATI radeon 5770HD

P.S. The problem started after i changed cooler on the graphic card, but the temperature is low, even after playing on highest details...
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  1. Play in windowed mode?
  2. This is a standard problem, it has to do with the software. reinstall the GPU drivers and you should be fine.
  3. Ok, i'll try. Thanks
  4. ^+1, probably just driver issues. Doubt it's related to your cooler. If anything, use MSI Afterburner to monitor your card temps and fan speed. If necessary, force whatever settings you need.
  5. Yey! It works fine...i still can't believe though, because i installed the whole system one week ago. Thanks for the help.
  6. Hey, np! It's what we're here for ;)
  7. OMG it's back! Now the graphic is dying, i'm sure of that. After few glitches movie i'm watching or game i'm playing just freezes and after few seconds those nasty stripes appears. Artifacts right? I am going to some repairshop, but i am almost sure it is done:(
    Or is it? ;(
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