Ssd or hard drive?

as hard drive prices are ridiculously high at the minute for a new build should i get a £100 1tb hard drive or a 60gb ssd?
are hard drive prices expected to fall any time soon?

thanks in advance
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  1. Hard drive prices are expected to go down next year. It could be in the middle of the year though.

    It's up to you. If you have enough space on your HDD. Get an SSD. If not, get a 1tb HDD.
  2. Both is a Good Option sometimes to. Install your OS on the SSD. Everything else on the HDD (unless you have the space on the SSD and it's a program that you use ALOT.)

  3. it all depends on what you are going to use your system for. an ssd will never replace an hdd. You actually need them both if your budget allows you. Personally i always encourage people to squeeze in an ssd of 120gb regardless of the use if you are planning on a 1000$+ rig. Outrageous prices dont mean you can't find a decent hdd for a good price, it only means it is not in the shops that don't keep stock or are out of it. Wallmarts and local tech-stores will have stock at old prices.
  4. well in the uk at the minute a drive which was 40 pounds is now 120 pounds so there arent any good hard drives for a decent price at the minute. i have an external hard drive (640 gb) i can use this for storage but can i run games put onto it
  5. "i have an external hard drive (640 gb) i can use this for storage but can i run games put onto it " Yes, one of my kids has steam installed on an external drive, it does not appear that much different in level load times from the pc next to it. (USB limits you to around 20 mb/sec, internal could hit 100+ mb./sec in benchmarks. In real world the difference is a lot less. A good spinning disk drive does 100 or 200 random 4K operations a second max. That's less than 1MB/sec => 200 x 4K = 800K/sec < 1MB/sec.)

    fwiw: "...The Thai floods are set to cause up to a 30% slump in hard disk production in the last three months of the year compared to the prior period, according to IHS iSuppli.

    A report by the research firm said hard disks have already risen in price because of damage caused to factories.

    It warned supply shortages may continue throughout the first half of 2012..."
  6. I was wondering the same thing but I might just use an old 120gb hdd I have and use my External 500gb for programs n such or just buy one from a local computer store. Kinda of shitty situation though as it adds $100+ onto my budget build :(
  7. True. but it also is "addon" unless it's the Main HDD you need to run the computer.
    Get something cheap and basic. upgrade later. Most cases have an area for at least 2 hard drives
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