I have a asus mobo with a faulty ram slot.

Hi, everything on my mobo seems to run fine but one of my four ram slots doesn't work, is there any way to fix this? Or could I just keep the mobo since i only want 24gb of ramthat... Is this the first sign of a bad motherboard or only a coincidence? The motherboard is very very new, purchased yesterday. It's an asus p877- v pro.
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  1. Hi, Usually it's related to CPU socket bent pins.
  2. And if I checked and there are no bent pins?
  3. Then probably a bad slot contact.
  4. Alright, is it worth sending the mono back of I am only using 3 slots?
  5. Mobo*
  6. If it's under warranty, and you don't need it for a while, why not? But I would check again the socket using a magnifying glass or by taking a high res picture.
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