System gets restarted during power outages (UPS battery is fine working without


System gets restarted during power outages (UPS battery is fine working without any problem for the expected run time).

I am having 22" Viewsonic LCD, 250 GB hard disk, gigabyte motherboard, 2 DVD Writers, NVIDIA Graphics Card.

My system gets restarted when the power goes out (it happens 9 out of 10 times) OR when there is low voltage.

Here is the story; i bought the APC 500VA UPS; 2 years before; initially the UPS is working fine and sytem never got restarted for 1.5 years and then later started the problem.
So i informed the APC customer service; they repaced the UPS 2 times; still the same problem was there. So i thoguht the problem is with the UPS and bought the new Microtek Heritage Gold 625VA UPS.
Still I got the same problem; after fighting lot with the customer server (they complained that i am using 22 inch monitor that is the reason system gets restarted in case of power failure as the UPS could not handle the 22" LCD monitor).
And they suggested me to buy with the higher VA model; so they helped me exchange with the new 800VA Twin battery Microtek model. Still the problem is there.

I am really frustrated. What would be the problem?

But here is the surprising thing; when i gave my Microtek 625VA to service centre for checking up the UPS; they gave me stand by UPS temporarily 600VA Microtek bravo model.
That bravo model working fine without any issues; i used for 3 weeks and never the system got restarted (i informed the same to Microtek; they told me that the bravo model is without the Microprocessor).

Anyway after fighting lot with the microtek; they helped me to replace with the Microtek 800VA UPS(as microtek support suggested me to go for higher VA model to solve this problem). Still the same system restart problem is when the voltage drops or in case of power outages even

after the new Microtek 800VA twin battery model.

Please suggest the problem; is it with the UPS (whcih is highly unlikely as i tested 3 UPSs, all resulted in system restarts). So is it problem with the cabinet? or SMPS?

Please help.
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  1. This is highly unusual.

    I run a Cyber power 1500 UPS for almost 8 years and have only gone throug 4 units so far (two due to computer saving short circuts)

    When my power goes out, my computer's control Panel win 7 has a custom power plan. In that custom plan is everything is to stay on. No sleep, no hibernate no nothing.

    Now, with my UPS on this computer once the battery is drained to 5% the computer will shut down. Or both the UPS and computer runs out and then shuts down shortly after.

    Voltage boost is rarely used. It depends on your utility quality.

    Some newer computers use Phased Power and require clean power and some UPS's won't provide that.

    I used to use a software interface called Power Panel Management but gave it up because it did not do much other than log routine things for years. Maybe once a year a tornado comes through and tears our area apart and I would only notice when my UPS starts chirping on battery mode.

    Try a custom power plan within your control panel and have everything on. And take off any extra software for your UPS. I am presuming (Never assume...I know) that you already and always have a USB connection to your APU.

    My home also has a surge unit that prevents spikes as well as a GFIC outlet on the wall.

    The biggest challenge I have is with the Generator. When that thing kicks in outside, the raw power is quite "Dirty" and I keep a old machine that likes it. These newer machines with UPS's hate it.
  2. Hi,

    I am not using the smart UPS where you can connect the system to UPS. Its a basic UPS without having connectivity to system.
  3. A basic ups....

    You will probably wish to consider getting a UPS that communicates with computer via USB while providing the power and quality of same you need.

    You may or may not get much backup time, orderly shut down during a outage is the goal. It will also boost you during a utility imposed brown out which are common in some areas.

    Good luck!
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