Back button or backspace not working on toms hardware

When i try to use the back button on ie 8 or use the backspace button to go back i go nowhere.

p4 3.0 ht
xp service pack 3

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  1. Hey,

    Does this always happen or only sometimes? Sometimes certain javascript in ads or the like can interfere with it.

  2. I tried shutting down ie 8 and restarting nothing happened then i restarted the pc and everything is now better. I noticed that when i hit the back button or the backspace immediatly afterwards the forward button was activated "canceling" my attempt to go back. Ran anti malware and my norton and only found some tracking cookies. So dont know what it was but gone now.

  3. Some pages do use redirects, mainly the ones that say "your reply was posted" etc and these will of course forward you to the page you just came from again unless you hit back again before they redirect you. Most pages should go back just fine.
  4. Hi,

    Well, that's good to hear it was fixed. It could very well be what randomizer said. It also might have been an ad that was doing some internal javascript forwarding. That is not that uncommon.

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