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I have an 8 yr, and despite numerous discussions of why it makes my head hurt from all the games and various applications she downloads/installs, I have to wipe her pc yet again and do a new build (I'm grabbing an image this time). I'm not sure if I can restrict her enough through the OS (XP Pro), or if I need to go ahead and just set up a domain for the entire household.

I have one other XP Pro box and a Windows 7 64 box. I do have a spare (although may need an upgrade) pc and I have Windows Server. I can't recall the version, but I do know I can run it as a DC.

If I need to go that route, can I just set the DC's IP static? Or do I need to contact my ISP and have one assigned? Then if I remember correctly, it will be the internet to my router to the DC to a switch that would feed the other pc's in the house? Do I need to add anything else in the mix?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance =)
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  1. Your 8 year old has her own computer?

    Need I say more?
  2. Given the fact she likes to play with the movie maker and create power point presentations, she was on my pc too much, so I built her one so I wouldn't have to share mine (and didn't want to run the risk of her hosing my own pc) :heink: So your reply, although witty, didn't register on the helpful scale :na:
  3. Install Ubuntu 10.10, problem solved... Or you could make her a regular user, and not give her an admin account...
  4. You can restrict access to her computer by giving power user rights. This would allow her to install apps but not change the core OS. This should reduce some issues.

    You can also work with gpedit.msc (group policy editor) to create a custom policy to lock the computer down. You have roughly 3500 policies you can go through and this does require some time intensive work. Though, you could target key things to lock down.

    I would recommend against a DC in your situation.
  5. TY both tkrl26 & Riser for your suggestions/recommendations. I'll do a bit more research on your suggestions to see which option would fit best. Your time to offer different solutions is most appreciated and will hopefully keep me sane in the long run! XD
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