$900 Gaming Build (revised... again)

Alright I just had a thread about a $700 build but I said "meh, I don't wanna upgrade for a while."
I plan on doing a little bit of overclocking. So here is my final build. Tell me what you guys think!

Corsair Carbide Series 400R Black
Corsair Enthusiast Series TX650
ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
Intel Core i5-2500K
EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti
Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3
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  1. that 560ti is poking at my ribs. 6950 or 570. The rest is perfect.
  2. What if I downgraded to a EVGA GTX460 Superclocked 1gb and just upgraded the GPU in a few years? That way I drop a good $100 on the overall build?
  3. No do not downgrade to the 460 not even worth it. The 560 Ti is fine. Just tweak (OC) it a little bit to say 900MHZ and it'll be the equivalent of the 570.

    As for the PSU I suggest saving money on the PSU
    Cheaper and you get more power (future SLI) After promo code it's only $70 before rebates.
  4. The PSU you just mentioned is the same price as the one I have already in Canada. And the promo code ends tomorrow and I wont be purchasing this for another month yet. Also why is the 560ti poking at your ribs XV53c?
  5. You want to purchase a 650w that costs more

    While a 750w that has the same efficiency is cheaper price?
    www.directcanada.com/search/?kw=OCZ ZS 75
  6. Yes. But thanks anyway. Also how is the EVGA GTX560 Superclocked? Its only $200
  7. Worse than the 560 Ti. There's a difference. The GTX 560 NO TI is worse by far than the 560 Ti. Always look for Ti.

    Hunter I don't understand what's wrong with the 750w, It's like you don't want the best bang for the buck.
  8. Ah I see. What does the TI stand for anyways?

    Theres nothing wrong with the 750W, I just like Corsair and support their products because there good.
  9. hunter387 said:
    What if I downgraded to a EVGA GTX460 Superclocked 1gb and just upgraded the GPU in a few years? That way I drop a good $100 on the overall build?

    Just keep the 2500K, Remember a video card is more important for gaming then anything though. The 460 is getting a little dated but its ok i would get a 6870 or 6950 though or even a 560. Really this GPU is real nice


    Only $239.99 and its totally worth it can play almost any game 100% maxed out with very great performance believe me i know!
  10. Sorry but I prefer Nvidia cards. I think I will just pick up a EVGA GTX560 TI Superclocked on boxing day or something.
  11. With this build will I be able to run games like Mafia 2, Crysis, Red Orchestra 2, Dirt 3, DoW2 and BF3 on max settings at 1650x1080?
  12. Yes
  13. aznshinobi is going to flame me for this but 560ti when SLI it has micro stuttering. 570 doesn't and neither does 6950. You like nvidia, oki, get the 570, one of them. See how the scene looks like in 2 years, either sli it or get another.
    For your budget i would recommend the 6950 but... but.
    +1 for the OCZ psu. The only bad psu ocz makes is the fatal1ty series. Stay away from it and you are good.
    If you arent going sli ever you might as well get the 560ti. Anyway, it is all a matter of perspective.
  14. 1680x1050 resolution and you will get a 560ti or even 570?

    Why not a Phenom II X4 955 and a 6850 / 6870? And when you change monitor you can add another
  15. I'm not going flame you. But I disagree with EVERYONE saying that Microstuttering is a huge deal. It's not that big of a deal, mainly since drivers have hampered the HUGE effect (though still it exists) I think people can bear a bit of Micro-stuttering, I mean I do it's not even THAT bad.

    I also think a single 560 Ti overall is a better bang for the buck. With the cheapest being $220 and the cheapest 570 being $320. True both can be OC'd but the 560 Ti runs so cool already and plus it's much quieter, that OCing it to a simple 900mhz would make it the equivalence of a 570. If OP didn't want to OC he could get this 560 Ti and be done with it, he'd still save about $85 for the same performance.
  16. Well I can do without OC and I will not be doing SLI. I think I might as well buy the Overclocked 560ti as it is the same price as the 560ti without OC on Newegg.ca??? Doesn't make any sense to me but whatever.
    If microstuttering only happens when SLI'd then I'm set as will not be SLI anyway.

    btw thanks for all the replies :)
  17. Micro stuttering isn't only in SLI it's in both.
  18. Oh well Nvidia will prob release a patch or something to fix it
  19. No matter what there will be microstuttering in Xfire and SLI, patches minimize but will never fix it.
  20. What are you saying? Are you saying that I will get micro stuttering no matter what with this build?
  21. I'm saying that Micro-stuttering will always exist until THE PERFECT drivers are released. Micro-stuttering isn't consistent, it's once in a long while and only happens for a brief moment. I'm just correcting your statement that drivers will fix the issue permanently.
  22. Ahhh I see. Alright. well I want a Nvidia card thats under $250 or $200 and that will run new games and Max Payne 3 hopefully. Right now its either the EVGA 560ti Superclocked for $250 or the EVGA 460 Superclocked for $175. thats a $75 difference and if I got the 560 it would bring up the total cost with shipping up to $961.....

    Do you think the 460 would do for now? I can always upgrade in a year or so but I'm not made of money like alot of people on here are.
  23. I would just go with the 560 Ti now if you upgrade later it'll be more spent total.
  24. Yeah but I have a tight budget right now and all I want to play as of right now is Red Orchestra 2 and Batman Arkham City. My Budget is boosted up $100 just by buying the 560ti...

    And its not like the 460 is a bad card either, it can run pretty much every game out there. I can just upgrade in a year because like all technology something bigger and better will come along.
  25. You should get the 560 no Ti in that case, the 460 is just too expensive right now running close to the 6870 but doesn't offer that performance.
  26. Is it really worth $50 more for a card that is barley better than the 460?
  27. Well according to Newegg CA, the cheapest 460 is $150 while the cheapest 560 is $180 which is only $30. On top of that entirely your decision. The 560 gets anywhere from 6-20 FPS better depending on the game.
  28. Im sorry can you link the $180 560 please? The total cost for this build right now is $885.16 with shipping. I am not going over $900
  29. ... A quick newegg search would be much faster...
  30. WTF IS EliteGroup?????!?!?!? Never even heard of these people.

    I might just wait till boxing day and buy a gpu as a few places will prob have it cheep.
  31. Also heres another build I will be doing for a friend of mine.

    CORSAIR Builder Series 500W
    ASRock H61M-VS LGA 1155 Intel H61
    CORSAIR Vengeance 4GB
    Intel Core i3-2100

    Is that a solid build or what? His budget is $500
  32. If there is no discrete gfx card then there is no need for so big a psu. In the lines of HTPC you can get one of those nice HEC cases with included psu (about 300watts and it is already too much)
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