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My first forum post... Well, I can only explain my problem as such... I had a HDD going bad so I replaced it with a new one. The trouble I am having is that the new one, which loads and runs, crashes with BSOD errors when transferring data between drives or while playing WoW. I can get about 15- 20 minutes of playtime before it crashes. I have run MemTest86 for about 10 hours and received no errors on the memory so I have kinda ruled that out. I am thinking it's the MoBo but I am not sure. The only thing that happened right before the HDD went bad was that I changed out all my case fans. Since I am still kinda new at this I hooked up all the wires. The molex and the other connectors that went to the MoBo. When I did that my BIOS wouldn't even come on long enough to hit a key. As soon as I unplugged the wires from the MoBo my BIOS came back. But immediately, my HDD fails... Could I have fried something???
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  1. sounds like there may be two issue. the first is you may have an under sized power supply and it locking up/failing under load.
    the other issue could be a heat issue. try running hardware monitor and watch your cpu and gpu temps. it may be the gpu in the game is over heating. i know on my gaming rig i installed msi afterburner becuase the nvidia drivers (the newer one) were not spinning the fan up to max speed under load.
  2. I don't think it could be the PSU. I have loaded up my old HDD, when I can get it to work, I can use it all day without an issue. The only difference between before and the new failures is my HDD. BTW my PSU is 800w. I am not running anything extreme. I am so lost here. Sometimes I can play WoW for hours without a problem... it seems intermittent.
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