OCZ 550w Fatal1ty PSU support gtx 570/80?


I want to upgrade my graphics card to a 570, possible 580.(any other good video card suggestions? RADEON cards?) Idk much about PSU's but some say it could say and some say it cant.

LGA1156 p55 mictoatx mobo
4gb ram
gtx 260

Also, if it is to weak could you guys suggest some good PSU's? I was thinking about these:

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139016 <<<< Mostly this one.
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  1. I know OCZ is a good brand, so the 550 *should* work. At the same time, do you really want your PSU to be running full blast when you play games? probably not. I would just go with another quality brand PSU of about 650-700 w. That will be plenty to run any single graphics card out right now.


    will work just fine for what you need and its half as expensive.

    As for suggestions, I would just get a nice GTX 570 with a non-referenced cooler. a gtx580 is not worth it for an extra $120 for 10% increase and the equivalent radeon card to the gtx570 (HD 6970) is hard to find and generally more expensive for roughly the same performance. If, however, you are playing games at above 1080p resolution, I would go for the 6970. Otherwise, stick with the gtx 570.
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